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Journal Exercises

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An Introduction to the Journal Process
Through The Journaling Process
Helping Children Deal With Loss Through the Journaling Process
Encouraging The Elderly To Journal

Writing at a specific time on a daily basis is a tremendous commitment and gift that we can give to ourselves.

By writing we are able to express what is troubling us. Once written, there is a freeing from within that lets us go on with our day in a different light.

Table of Contents

Our Current Journal is:

Cleaning Up The Clutter In Our Lives

Our Archived Journals are:

Acknowledging Ourselves As The Caregiver
What Makes You Feel Comfortable, Joyful, Peaceful And Happy?

How Are You Doing?
Overcoming Fear

The Words You Choose
Releasing Old Patterns
Hiding & Displacing Our Emotions On To Someone Else
"Chop Wood And Carry Water"
Do You Know Who You Are?
Making Peace With The Little Child Within Yourself
Writing A Letter To A Loved One
Daily Losses Experienced In Caregiving
Overcoming The Burdens You Experience As A Caregiver
Breaking Through Your Own Denial of Death
Who Are You?
Not Being With Your Loved One When They Depart
Life Is Like A Huge Classroom!
Are You Having Fun Yet?
Are You Caring For Yourself?
Motivation And The Caregiver
Self-Limiting Habits
Why Do You Have The Need To Belong?
You Are A Part Of The Greater Universe-You Aren't Alone
The Value Of Reaching Out For Support
Opening to Receive
An Attitude Of Gratitude
What Type Relationship Do You Have With A Loved One
Fear-Being Alone At Home At The Moment Of Death Of A Loved One
Birthing And Deathing
Conflict Is Natural
Spirituality, Death & Dying
Letting Go Of Your Anger And Hurt
F. E. A. R. = False Expectations Appearing Real
What Are You Grateful For?
Discovering Your Life' Purpose
T.R.Y. - Taking Responsibility Yet
Service Minded Consciousness
Learning To Love Ourselves Through Another
Feeling Overly Responsible For Our Loved Ones
Your Intuition ~ Listening To Your Heart
Goodwill: An Opening Of The Heart
Are You Living Your Life Fully?
Lighten Up! Laughter As A Healing Power
Being A Good Listener
Creating A Safe Space For Yourself
We Attract Who We Are :The Mirroring Principle
The Eyes-Windows To Our Souls
Bringing Your Caregiving Experience Up To Date
Grief..Beginning To Examine Our Issues Now
Are You Giving
Negative or Positive Choices
What Are You Feeling

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