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A dear friend Joe, asked me to close my eyes and visualize myself at the bottom of the ocean desperately in need of oxygen or else I would drown. He asked me to visualize two tanks of oxygen. One was to represent the new focus of my life, my next process and one was to visualize part of what I now had to release into the Universe. He asked me to make a choice as to which tank I would take hold of. I chose the new focus, for it would also take care of what I was in need of letting go of.

He reminded me to keep this oxygen concept in my mind at all times as a reminder to stay focused on my next vision or purpose in my life. For me it meant letting go of all the work that I had completed to date and begin focusing I things I could control from within; things I had a direct influence over. Within a week, opportunities arose which I never dreamed of; opportunities that I have dreamed of that only a matter of days ago, couldn't imagine would materialize as quickly as they had begun to.

If we want to dwell in our comfort zone, we will remain there. To get out of that zone, we must take the risk to put all of our thoughts and energies in to seeing it happen, believing it, and treating it as if it is already present in our life experience.

Each and every one of you has an oxygen tank that can bring you to the next level of success in your life, whether it is business or personal. Everyone also has an oxygen tank that represents things we can let go of. There is a definite difference between the two. Understanding the differences is what will catapult you into moving forward.

Another way to label the two oxygen tanks is to think of one as being your tank of influence and the other being your tank of concern.

These are things you have direct influence or control over. Some examples may be:

- Your attitude
- How you respond to situations
- Whether or not you will plan out your day
- What time you will wake up
- What time you will go to sleep
- How much time you will take for yourself today
- Whether or not you back up the data on your computer today
- What you will eat today
- Whether or not you will take the time to exercise today
- How you respond to your experience as a caregiver for your loved one
- keeping positive and optimistic about where you are in life.

I am sure you understand this.

Things which you are concerned about, but do not have direct
influence or control of. Some examples may be:

- you may be concerned about the weather but you have no control or influence on it.
- you may be concerned about forces of nature like tornados, earthquakes but you have no control or influence over it.
- another's actions towards you; negative people, people directing and advising you; people who diminish who you are

So many focus their thoughts or worry about things that they don't have any influence or control over. Why? If the worrying doesn't change anything then how does it serve you? And intellectually you may know all this and understand it, yet the negativity, the worry, the doubts or fears still run your daily life.

In order to take hold and grab for the oxygen you must envision that the oxygen tank of influence could be like for you. Hold this vision firmly in your mind's eye. Write little post it notes to yourself and place them all over your house, on the refrigerator, by the phone, the computer, in your wallet. Place them as in many areas to continuously remind yourself that you are choosing the oxygen tank of influence or control.

So get comfortable, free from distractions and slowly begin to breathe in loving thoughts. On each exhale, breathe out the worry, your doubts, fears and concerns. Breathing in love and light to all areas that are stressed in your body until you are feeling totally restful, peaceful and open. Become the observer and see yourself going through your day...where you put the focus of your attention, how you respond, how it makes you feel..and begin to visualize how you would like it to be. See all the details that would you would like to have in your life and how you would like to be. Allow yourself to be in this energy for as long as possible.

When you are ready to come out from this nurturing and uplifting state, bring back to the physical plane all your observations, thoughts and feelings.

Take a piece of paper and a pencil and draw two columns. The first is your tank of concerns...things you focus or worry about that you have no influence or control over. Write down as much as you can recall.

Label the second column your oxygen tank of influence or control. Experiences and things you have the power to influence, control or change for yourself.

Those who concentrate on your oxygen tank of influence will find it easier to manifest and change will those who concentrate on your oxygen tank of concern, worry, doubt or fear, will find yourself wondering why me?

Take time to do this process two to three times this gentle and nurturing to yourself.

Richest Blessings

Copyrighted Gail R. Mitchell 04/08/2000

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