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I came to your site tonight via the caregivers onelist. I have spent most of my evening at your site exploring. What a remarkable woman you are. What a wonderful site you host and maintain. I have added it to my favorites and will come here often. God bless you and the wonderful work you are doing for caregiving families. I wish that I had access to a site like this when I was dealing with three out of the four grandparents with terminal illnesses.
Katherine www.journalkeepers.com

BLESSINGS TO YOU -- we absolutely MUST meet! You are kindred, and thank you with all the soul of my heart for the work you are doing. I had thought, tried, years ago to start a Web site, but that was not my path. I'm so grateful for you and the blessings you bring. I trust this is only the beginning of a glorious connection. Blessings to you. Beth Witrogen McLeod

You are doing a wonderful service for so many! Helping family members is a wonderful opportunity at the end of life, to share one's love, but as you write, a time to be careful to also take care of "you" as you care-give. Many will be helped by your efforts. Best wishes! Ron Panzer for Hospice Patients Alliance

I am a family caregiver, professional caregiver and also publisher of the CanGO Quarterly Magazine: Canadian Geriatric Opportunities in Geriatric Therapeutic Recreation whose subscribers work closely with family members of elderly living in care homes across Canada and do activities and recreation therapy to improve their quality of life. I am glad to see such a comprehensive and uplifting site. The ever insightful creator, Gail Mitchell offers many gems for the formal and family caregiver. CANGO editors will share this newsletter and information gleaned from her site with the families of our clients, as well as increasing our own, professional growth. Thank you and I look forward to receiving your newsletter. Shelley Purdon CanGO Qrtrly - Co-Owner

As a part of my Clinical Pastoral Education requirement, I am a chaplain at a nursing home and rehabilitation center in Atlanta. I come into contact with many caregivers, all of whom need support. As a caregiver to caregivers (in addition to the residents), I need it as well. Thanks for all that you do. Hornbuckle

I am the director of a Respite Care Program in Suffolk County New York. As such I am in contact daily with people that have been thrust into the role of caregiver. Some take on the role with an inherent, endless responsibility with good humor, spirit and love. Others don't fare as well in the role. It is for them that I wish to receive the newsletter and be able to recommend this web site as a source of comfort and knowledge. Peg Orsino

I have worked with caregivers and providers for the past six years - I am very impressed with your web-site, in that it not only gives hands on information, but it also takes a spiritual approach (and is calming to look at on the screen). Amy Field (amy@careguide.com)

I enjoyed looking at your site. You offer an interesting and important component to the caregiving journey. Most Sincerely,
Stacey Matzkevich, LCSW, MSG Cofounder Caregiverzone.com

I am with Country Kids Magazine, a parenting resource publication of Northwestern New Jersey. I loved your site!!! Working as an editor for this publication, I believe it is so important that this type of information be readily available to people who need to take care of a family member.
Carol Bogdewicz Country Kids Magazine

You have such an important mission in life. There simply isn't enough
love, compassion and understanding. You provide love. You offer another way to follow, to go. And, it is the way. You write to me of your vision of the future. It is such a worthy goal. We are bridges. We are bridges between one generation and another. We are here to provide support and continuity to those who came before us and for those who follow us in life. We serve in this role and capacity until it is our time to cross over the bridge read what you write. I see these words in you, Gail. We are companions of some kind on a similar journey. Your love is so very evident and it casts a glow, an aura about what you have written to me. Lovingly, Tim
Through His Eyes - Living with Alzheimer's The collective writings of Tim Brennan

There are women who changed my life because they were mentors. Those who changed my life because they were friends. Those who changed my life because they were women. You are all three. Thank you for honoring me with all THREE! Thanks for being there for so many. You must remember, though even ANGELS need a shoulder sometimes and of course a wing & a prayer. Ghjan

You have brought so much love and light into my life, and there is no possible way to repay you for all you've done. I feel blessed that you are in my life and I hope our future is filled with many blessings as only He can bestow onto us. You are a gift to me, that was so unexpected but also one that is so appreciated and admired. You're a very gifted lady and I truly hope I can continue to learn from you while at the same time being there for you when you need me. With Blessings, Patti StClair

Thank you again for all of your love and support. I believe in angels and Empowering Caregivers is full of them. Much love, Donna Fee

Trust in the Lord God's richest blessings rest upon you this day!! Knowing you has made a significant difference in my own life, and I will stand forever grateful. Dorothy Womack

You are wonderful to carry on this ministry to Care-Givers and, it seems to me, you have a real talent for organization and for not letting any emergency stop you. May God continue to bless your ministry to those who need you. I pray that God will bless, guide, and protect you. Sincerely and with love, Nina.

You are very special to me & I thank you. Thanks to you I feel better about myself; feel empowered that I CAN do things and set boundaries that will stay in place. Thank you for caring and being there. Love you, Karen E.

One thing I would like to do before I die would be to meet you in person. You are truly wonderful and uplifting. God Bless. BjBrown

Thank you for sending me the Newsletter. My son has been urging me to meet a counselor who can help with my frustrations when caring for my mother. I feel I can't spare the time to go out on such a mission. But reading the messages in your Newsletter are very consoling. I can just sit at home and know I am not alone in the way I feel . You help me to cope. Lorna

Well its over -mom died tonight -and of all people, I thought of you and your last words of wisdom and solace to me last month --I keep those words with me all the time. Just thought you'd want to know-especially since your words are helping me cope with all of this. For somebody I never met, you've sure had an impact on me -for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Phyllis - Visiting Angels

I want to thank you for all the hard work you have put into this program. I have made so many friends through this program. I read all the articles and enjoy reading about each caregiver. I relate to a lot of these caregivers. It really helps knowing there are others going through the same thing I am. Many of my friends don't call or visit any more. I'm sure there has been a lot of healing working with Empowering Caregivers. Right now all of you are a very important part of my life. Bobbie Jo-Wbwd3472

Sister Gail, My spirit bears witness with yours. You may not be a "professional" in the medical field, but your CALLING is of a GREATER MAGNITUDE. The Spirit tells me you listen very closely and obey! Heavenly Father I pray to you this day and THANK YOU JESUS!!! My help cometh from Thee! It never comes one minute ahead or one minute late, just right on time, Thank you Lord for Gail, strengthen her Lord to go about the work you have set for her. Make her path an easy path. Lord I pray always keep Your Hand on her, this prayer I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen. Now my burden is lifted. Thank you so much.
Sister Dee-

No one but the dear Lord will ever know what this has done to me and I had started to falter and was picked up and lifted by an unseen hand. What a comfort and joy, (something that I hadn't known for sooo long) The Angel of Love and Light was hovering near. I felt safe and secure. This Angel, on a wing and a prayer entered my life when I felt so lost. This Angel said, " Be Bold and say Yes You Can!" when all the world says, No you can't. She will help you emerge without fear and rejection & support you as you risk finding out who you really are. She has encouraged me to express my thoughts and feelings .......She is helping me to become the person that I was intended to be. Instead of everyone's caregiver who has had no "real Identity" other than the Caretaker....This Angel Of Love And Light has honored my life. She has Selflessly been working for our highest Good. Never giving up on US! She is a Heavenly Angel sent down from above to prepare our way. She is there to lighten our burden and to finally love life. She will help you see things more clearly through the eyes of unconditional love. She will teach you to love and honor the wondrous person that you are. She will share her wings of wisdom and enlightenment. Invite her into your life. You will with her help emerge from that cocoon and become that fragile yet gloriously strong butterfly that you have always meant to be. This Angel Of Light and Love, is Gail Mitchell. Thank you for being there for all of us!!!! H.G.

I want to thank you folks for your kindness when I came into the room late last month. I had read all the writings that you have made available. I came into the room that night, so filled with anger, and so filled with tears. It was a chat room of caregivers for a short period of one hour, but it seems to have changed my life forever. You told me WHAT I was responsible for, what I wasn't, what you have gone through yourselves..you all shared with me that night you own personal experiences as caregivers. And for the first time in five years the anger and the tears are gone. My attitude changed that night, and with my attitude change, my mother's has changed as well. I will be back. I am so grateful to you for being there for me. Sandi

I cried through reading the entire newsletter which you sent me!! It is very powerful indeed!! Dorothy

I have been reading your newsletter on-line and thoroughly enjoy it. I am a Caregiver myself. I also facilitate 2 support groups for family caregivers and am the CO-chair of a grassroots Caregiver network. Whenever I can I share features or items from your newsletter with other caregivers who do not have access to the Internet. Thanks Keep up the good work. Doreen D.

I have all issues of the Empowering Caregivers newsletter. The day that I sent you the card, I was in tears as I printed up each and every journal exercise listed. I am now journaling morning and night. As the exercises printed I was reading the first few lines of each and related to each and everyone of them. I cannot tell you what this journaling has done for me. I am so much better off emotionally that I think I might even start to think straight again soon. I wake up each morning and cannot wait to use my only quiet time to do my journaling and receive more insight into myself, my life and my parents' lives. What is important to me is coming at me in leaps and bounds and all priorities in my life have changed, since this caregiving experience is upon me. God Bless You Gail! Melissa

I just discovered you site tonight and it's great. I've been a care giver for my wife with MS for 19 years. For a while I worked with the WellSpouse Foundation for some of my support but when I needed help there wasn't much for me. Everyone just expected me to help them when I had my own problems. Your site will give some humor, inspiration and who knows what else. Mark Johannes

I'm so happy this site exists. . .I've enjoyed this site since subscribing perhaps a year ago. . .Its helped to know that even though the circumstances of caregiving may differ, the emotional aspect has many similarities. Best to you in all you are doing. Teresa

Thank you again Gail. You are wonderful for all you are doing.......It takes people like you to make this world a better place and to give the Caregivers a purpose in life when they feel they have none. God Bless Caryolyn Hynali - Alzheimer's Petition & www.caregiversarmy.com

After having read your newsletters for quite some time, now, I just want you to know how much of solace we have derived from them, as well as much food for thought. Thank you very much. Sometimes our intentions lie dormant in our subconscious, until we see them in black and white. For example, when I read the excerpt from Maggie Steincrohn Davis' "Do You Remember Me?", I became aware of how many times I must have tried to keep Mum in our world, instead of going with her into hers. With deep appreciation and admiration for you and your dedicated team, we pray that you can continue helping thousands of caregivers like us, for a long, long time. Thank you once again and God Bless! Yvonne - Bombay, India

You are such a wonderful and caring person and your site is a true blessing for so many out there. I know that amount of time and work it takes for you to keep a site of this size and proportion updated and going. I admire you immensely for this love and effort you are giving to those who so desperately need it. May God continue to Bless your work. As always with Love, Nancze. Caregiver's Haven


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