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Alternative Healing Practices
There are no definite promises or cures using alternative health practices, just as there are none using traditional medical techniques and medications. However, it is very possible that when used in conjunction with traditional methods, balancing the body mind and spirit becomes more feasible, assisting in the healing process with a wider spectrum of attack. Please note that many times alternative healing can be the miracle cure as well. It all depends on a variety of factors. For most of us, there are only a few of the different healing therapies being utilized in our lives. Most involve intuition, centering, intent and focus, but the most important ingredient many times ignored, I believe, is the healing the power of love.

There are many forms of alternative healing. These are just a few. Click on these titles for an explanation and better understandingof these healing practices.

Absent Healing | Acupuncture | Affirmations |
Aromatherapy| ChiropracticCrystal Therapy |
Energy Balancing | Herbology | Homeopathy |
Hydrotherapy | Imagery | Kinesiology-Muscle Testing |
Meditation | Pendulum | Polarity | Psychic Healing
Reflexology | Smudging | Spiritual Healing |
Therapeutic Touch | Visualization|


Absent healing is performed by the medium or healer, directed to someone who is not present physically. They may be in another state or country, as there is no direct physical contact between the patient and the healer. It is a natural gift which we are born with, and most of us have not been trained in the use of it.

Because an individual may not be aware that he/she is in need of healing, a patient may be too weak to go for a healing treatment , an individual may actually be ignorant of their disease and or the patient or individual may not have any knowledge of this form of spiritual healing a relative or friend may request help on behalf of them. The patient or family involved may also be opposed to spiritual forms of healing treatments.

There is no set procedure for "absent healing." The healing may come through in the form of writing or speaking. The healer may even image the individual they are working with and let their hands move across an imaginary body while performing this type of psychic healing on the patient's behalf.

The healer sends out the intent to serve in the healing, asking for guidance and direction for assistance given to the patient. Whatever is important and necessary is revealed to the healer provided he/she is open to clear channeling of the information coming through.


Acupuncture has been used in China for over 6000 years. It is the main treatment for a quarter of the world's population. Thousands of years of acupuncture treatment are proof of it's validity as well as power.

The primary aim of acupuncture is to strengthen the body's immune system by stimulating the body's ability to adjust and balance itself. This is homeostasis. Acupuncture is a technique for relieving pain and for improving the function of organ systems and body functions by stimulating acupuncture points on the surface of the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that Chi, the vital force that flows continuously throughout the body, travels throughout the body along channels of energy called meridians. The pathways regulate and coordinate the body's well-being by distributing "chi" energy throughout the system. Acupuncture points along the meridians are treated whenever a diseased condition exists that blocks the normal flow of energy along these meridians. Disease is an imbalance in the meridian system.


An affirmation or statement either in word, thought, action or feeling helps confirms a belief pattern held. Affirmations can be negative or positive. Through daily repetition we can change our negative affirmations which we feed to ourselves constantly, with positive thoughts and feelings until they become a part of our belief system .


Sometimes performed by specialists with a respiratory therapist degree, aromatherapy is an ancient science, and an important part of herbal medicine that uses essential oils of plants to produce strong physical and emotional effects on the body, and mind, while acting on different levels. They have a healing action on the physical plane, restoring energy balance. They have deep subconscious effects on emotions, and are elevating and soothing on the spiritual plane.


Chiropractic works on the spine, bones, joints and muscles. There are healing potentials achieved through chiropractic that are not achievable by other forms of therapy. The subluxated or fixated vertebra is identified and through hands-on- specific adjustments and manipulations, the problem can be alleviated and balance is restored.


Healing with crystals dates back to ancient Mayan, Incan and Egyptian civilizations. In this method of healing quartz and other stones are placed on and around the body to stimulate and sensitize subtle vibrational patterns to release energy blockages. Crystals vibrate and emit energy which resonate with the human body and energy. Useful in healing and balancing. They are also natural cleansers. They take negativity from the human and animals as well. The crystals need to be cleansed also. One can program the crystal for a specific treatment to help in the healing process, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Crystals draw light and color to the body's aura raising its vibrational frequency to allow healings to take place. The emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual effects are moving and can be felt immediately and profoundly in some. One can program the crystal for a specific treatment to be used. The intent behind the programming is most important.


The healer moves the energy around and through the physical body and the aura. This is accomplished when the therapist works in the chakras or energy systems located throughout the body. It increases the sensitivity and creative well-being of the individual.


The use of specific herbs and plants for medicinal purposes has been practiced for millennia all over the world in different cultures. They have healing powers capable of balancing the emotional, mental and physical dimensions in humans and animals, as well.

Herbal therapy uses various herbal combinations for healing as well as cleansing purposes. They are used in the form of tablets, capsules, salves, oils, tinctures, extracts, teas, herbal baths, poultices and much more. Herbs may be used internally or externally. They are a valuable adjunct to many therapies. They address both the symptoms and causes of a problem offering nutrients, body balancing, detoxification and much more. Herbs can be used in prevention and treatment for the individual.


Homeopathy dates back to he Father of Medicine, Hippocrates. Samuel Hahnemann, a German medical doctor in the middle 1800's developed the system as we use it today.

Homeopathy works on the principle of "like cures like". It is a medical philosophy that recognizes disease as an energy imbalance, a disturbance of the body's "vital force" expressed by disease symptoms. it bases its healing techniques on the fact that the body is a self healing entity , and that symptoms are the expression of the body attempting to restore its own balance. The actual remedies themselves, neither cover up nor destroy disease, but simulate the body's own action to rid itself of the problem.


Use of water in bath or shower to stimulate the flow of circulation in the body. It relaxes and stimulates as well.


Specific visualizations which requires a specific format for use in creating health. The steps include:
preparing the mind, intention, quieting, body posture for imaging, breathing, daily time frames for doing the imagery exercises, and short, specific imageries along with repetition of the imageries done in cycles for certain time periods.


Applied Kinesiology is a method of diagnosis which, when used in conjunction with standard diagnostic testing, allows for a more dynamic evaluation of the human body. The practitioner can test the patient's muscles with a simple procedure whereby they put their fingers onto the patient's arm and wrist. While working in the energy they can program responses from the body and brain to respond to questions.


A technique for deep relaxation to heal the body, quiet the mind, create inner peace, harmony and balance through focus and awareness. It utilizes a form of mindful attention which may include, a specific sitting or laying posture, imagery, observation, mantras, control of the breath and much more: and even much less. The ideal purpose of meditation is to allow greater clarity and awareness to come forth, and for the possibility of conscious transcendence to occur on a spiritual level.


Using a weighted object on a string or chain, some people use a crystal. The idea is to grasp the string or chain, between your thumb and fore finger while you relax. One begins to ask the energy to flow, holding the wrist limp so that the pendulum swings freely from the energies. One can program the pendulum in their mind's eye to answer yes or no by noticing the energy or vibrations as the pendulum begins to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, to receive answers.

Developed by Dr. Randolph Stone as a synthesis of Western and Easter healing sciences.

Polarity practitioners and the client work in a healing relationship to address physical, mental and emotional energy blockages through four phases: diet, exercise, attitude and most of all bodywork. In bodywork, a variety of contacts and manipulations are used to stimulate and balance the body's electromagnetic fields. The Practitioner may help the client to process feelings and to develop strategies for resolving issues causing the problems. The result is a safe and supportive process for the clients to heal.


Works to bring wholeness to an individual through the integration of the body, mind, spirit and emotions. Through the use of laying-on -of-hands, the healer works as a channel to bring in energy to the individuals body to bring healing on all levels. The channel usual senses or receives information as to causations, problems, occurring in different aspects of the individual's life which may have manifested as disease, illness, lack of confidence, or other problems. It also strengthens the individual's awareness and clarity in tuning into their own healing potential.


Dating back to ancient Egypt and China, this ancient art and science of uses pressure points on the hands and feet to heal and revitalize the entire body. It helps to adjust the energy flow in order to keep the organs in a constant state of balance. Reflexology aids circulation, detoxification and glandular, muscular and nerve function. It calms the body by releasing stress.


Native cultures spanning the globe utilize the burning herbs for purifying individuals and their living spaces. There are several plants that can be used: dried desert sage is used for cleansing and purifying, dried cedar for balancing body, mind and spirit, dried lavender for beautifying, and braided sweet grass for blessings.

Smudging has many effects on the individual and psyche. It affords one's mind the opportunity to be still and in the moment. One can feel the energy coming through during the smudging process.


Healing which takes place , based on our intuitive insight and knowledge of universal laws (principles).


Utilizes several ancient healing methods . It was developed by Dolores Kriege and Dora Kunz in 1972. It involves accessing one's deepest healing energy to subtly work in the patient's energy field. It has been taught to health care professions and the public around the world.


A technique using your imagination to create what you want in your life. Most of us have been using visualization in an unconscious way through the negative thoughts and manifestations we create. This method helps us to focus on a positive level by contemplating and consciously visualizing what we truly want in our lives. In terms of disease or healing, visualization has been used in seeing the body rid itself of the causes, as well as visualizing what the body might look and feel like in a healthy state, free of the symptoms.


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