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Our Mission

To provide a safe, nurturing site for all Caregivers with emotional and spiritual support.

To provide a vast amount of resources both online and off-line for Caregivers.

To provide tools which EMPOWER Caregivers to help themselves as well as their loved ones.

To provide chat rooms and message boards where Caregivers can freely discuss various issues involving their loved ones and receive both support and information from others in same or similar situations; where they can also express their emotions without fear of repercussions.

To guide Caregivers into choices thus creating a more meaningful and loving experience throughout the Caregiving process.

To educate Caregivers and their loved ones about the spiritual and emotional needs in the issues surrounding "end - of life - issues."

Help caregivers to see a debilitated and deteriorating loved one as a whole person in body, mind and spirit. We help to surround them both with love and dignity to create a sacred experience for all concerned.

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