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Life Is Like A Huge Classroom!

You may have heard the expression " life is like one big classroom." Everyday you learn something new. It is also likened to a learning lab. And as children of the Higher Power or God, call it what you prefer, you are also left to romp and explore in the playground of life. You are constantly experimenting at play through living, discovering who you are and who you are not.

You are left to do with your life what you take on beliefs, you become addicted to thought patterns and daily processes. Much of what you experience is positive and supports your growth and much of it leaves you contemplating on what isn't working right for you anymore. Your subconscious or soul gently urges you on from within to move past these barriers or blocks that no longer work for you.

You may dream of finding total happiness and peace. However, life isn't total bliss. There are always highs and lows and you learn from both of them. When things aren't going right, you may get angry with the Higher Power. You may feel that you are being punished and the story goes on....However, there are always guideposts that are presented to you at all times. And it is only at the times that you open your eyes wide that you will glimpse the guideposts that have been provided for you along your journey. These guideposts can be in the form of people, books, movies, songs, websites, chats, etc.; yet they will only come into focus once your perceptions have changed.

Your guides or angels have stepped in to lead you but perhaps you weren't ready to follow. As a result, you may find that you have suffered pain, hurt, humiliation and much more. These lessons keep repeating themselves. You are tested until you have stopped, listened or followed and made the shifts in your life. The question remains. Why do you delay in seeking direction. It can be likened to a small child, kicking and crying in an attempt to get his own way.

When you let go of your pride, your need to control, and surrender, by asking for help, then and only then will you be guided or provided with a new path to lead you to the next step in your life. You have been provided all along with all you need...but your perceptions have been distorted..remove your blinders to the brilliance and splendor of life and how it can be for you.

Take time to quietly still yourself in your own energy. Breathing in love and light with each inhale and breathing out all your worries, fears, doubts and things you can't control on each exhale, allow yourself to enter a relaxed and peaceful state of being. Take time to reflect on the multitudes of guideposts that have been presented to you up until this very moment. Observe the signposts you followed and those you ignored. How many times did you ignore your gut feeling, only to say to yourself, " I should have, I could have, and so on..."

Take time to nurture yourself and ask lovingly for guidance and direction to move forward in your life, creating more happiness and peace from within and not from without.

When you are finished, come back gently and slowly to the physical realm and bring with it all the information you have gleaned on. Start playing and living life more consciously with your new gifts.

Richest blessings to you on your journey.
Copyrighted by Gail R. Mitchell 04/27/2000

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