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Forgiveness is a healing that takes place in your body and soul. Moving into forgiveness can be painful and difficult even though you may know in your heart you want to forgive someone. Moving into forgiveness for another individual or even forgiving yourself brings an inner peace that one can not describe in words. Some describe it as a big weight being lifted from them. Others say that their heart opens more and they feel free from bonds which have held them.

Some issues which may indicate to you that you need to move into forgiveness are:

- Repeatedly going over the incident in your mind's eye, with pain, anger or resentment.

-"I'll get even with them, just you wait and see".

- You may even find yourself thinking morbid thoughts.

Thoughts which may indicate to you that you are on the way to forgiving are:

- I don't want to blame them. I must take responsibility for my actions as well. Or perhaps they were having a bad day. I can see their point of view.

-I ask God to forgive them and bless them as they are doing the best that they can.

- If the problem is within me, I can work at understanding the source of the problem and make changes

- I can work on detaching myself as if they don't exist.

Thoughts you may have which indicate that you have forgiven an individual or yourself are:

- I am peaceful and loving

- Negative emotions and feelings no longer come up when I think of the individual or the situation.

- I took steps to try to work it out by communicating through a phone call, writing or indicating my concern to work things through.

- I love me.

Take some time to go to that sacred and safe place within yourself. Get comfortable and begin relaxing all the parts of your body. With each breath breathe in loving thoughts and good feelings. On each exhale breathe out all your fears, your hurts, your worries and concerns, knowing that the Universe will provide perfect order as you let go. Breathing in and out slowly, breathe in all the love and peace and joy, until you feel yourself lifting lighter and freer...

Begin to imagine the person who has harmed you in some way. See the experience recurring once again, while viewing it objectively either looking down or towards it. Listen and hear all that is transpiring. See what has provoked the situation. Was it something you said, a feeling, a disconnected feeling, loneliness or whatever. Examine as much as you can from this elevated state. Ask for guidance and direction to learn, heal and grow from the awareness into which you have entered. Be still and silent. Be still and know thyself. Allow the answers to reveal themselves.

When you are feeling complete in the exercise, slowly feel yourself come back gently into the present reality that awaits you. Bring back all your awarenesses and the good feelings and thoughts you are having. Acknowledge your gratitude as you become fully present in the moment.

Nurture yourself in this sacred, loving space you have created for yourselfand bring it outwards (you don't bring it outwards - you put it forth) to share with others. Work on this several times individually for all those you may not have released in forgiveness.

Blessings to you on your life's journey

Copyrighted by Gail R. Mitchell 03/27/2000

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