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Goodwill: An Opening Of The Heart

Goodwill is an energy that vibrates out to everyone you come in contact with. It manifests harmony and unity. It is associated with the "greatest good" or the "highest concern for everyone". It can lessen fears and strengthen trust in others and how they respond to you.

Good will starts from within and emanates outward. It is as if it were contagious, much like laughter and as you open your heart to let goodwill in, it permeates outward in an instant, touching others. The returns are

Another way of describing good will is when you open your heart into a loving space, for yourself, your life and for others, doors open, you are at one in a flow, where everything seems to happen more easily and effortlessly.

Sit quietly and comfortably breathing in loving thoughts as you exhale all your worries, doubts and concerns. With each inhale, feel your breath reaching to those areas in your body which are holding stress. Beginning from the top of your head all the way down to your toes continue to breathe in loving thoughts, in slow, full breathes, expanding your abdomen, feeling the rise and fall as if it were a balloon filled with helium, floating. Breathe in in only loving good thoughts, keeping your mind from straying until your body is completely relaxed.

Imagine a beam of pure white light penetrating warmly and nurturing into the area of your heart. Feel your heart beginning to relax and open. Reflect on a time when you were loved and felt loved. Pay attention to the details of the experience you had; what it felt like, how you felt about yourself, how you responded to others. Let this reflection warm and open your heart more. With each breath feel yourself going deeper and deeper into the center of your soul. Observe how your body is feeling and what is going on in your mind. Hold these feelings and let them become part of your being once again.

Awareness if 95% to healing old patterns and thoughts. By being with these experiences, you have already begun to shift.

As you feel your heart opening more fully, send your good thoughts, feelings and love out to others who are close to you. Image their faces in your minds eye as you are doing this. Then send all your good feelings out into the city which you are living, then the state, the nation, everywhere on the earth, and out into the universe.

Write about all your experiences, detailing as much as you can. Throughout the week, take time to breathe in for a few minutes with your focus on feeling love inside you and sending it out to everyone. Write as often as you can about the shifts you experience from within yourself this week

Blessings to you.

© 3/18/99 Gail R. Mitchell

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