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Your Intuition ~ Listening To Your Heart 

Most of us have been conditioned by our parents, our teachers, our cultures and our society to think with our mind and not our hearts. Most of us have learned this teaching well, for it has been drilled into the very depths of our minds. This is referred to as the masculine or left brain, mental, analytical part of ourselves. It also is what has become a part of our false belief systems.

Our intuition or feelings reside more in our heart center. This center is also referred to as the feminine aspect of ourselves of the right brain. This center corresponds directly to our souls, our true authentic being. It has also been referred to as "your inner knowingness." When you know, something, you feel it; you feel as if you are being guided. You may not always be able to put into words what it is that you are feeling...but you know you are and this is the most important feeling you must follow and rely on.

These masculine and feminine qualities are based on androgyny for we all have a blending of both residing inside our beings. One aspect might be stronger than the other and it is up to us to find the balance from within. The challenge is becoming aware of which aspects serve us best in our times of needs. It also is about faith and trust in the Universe and the source we all come from, the higher power, call it God, Moses, Mohammed, or whatever resonates with you from within.

The most important thing for you to remember is that as soon as you become aware of what is your belief and what you know to be true to what you are feeling, you are on the way to shifting your consciousness or let's say shifting your gears to creating a life full of my joy, meaning, purpose and much more.

Think back to a time or times in your lives when you had a "real gut feeling" about something that was taking place, or about something that was going to take place. It might have even felt like a premonition. Did you pay attention to this feeling or did you ignore it and continue on with what you were doing?

Detail what your experiences were when you had these gut feelings. Write about what your thoughts were, whether or not you ignored them, whether you acted on them and what the outcome was. How would the outcome(s) have been different if you would have relied on your intuitive feelings?

These gut feelings are our intuitive feelings; our inner voice, making itself known to us. It is time to take responsibility for your inner voice by nurturing it when it makes itself known to you. By embracing it, learning to trust it more and have faith in it, you will begin to notice that you will make better choices and decisions in your life. Your life will flow effortlessly when you are in the heartfelt mode. After all, we create our struggles, negative thoughts or beliefs, which keep us from living in more peaceful and harmonious ways. We do have the power to take control of our lives by listening more to what is going on inside our minds on a deeper level.

Children and pets are wonderful barometers. They operate on energy or vibration. You may think it is instinct, but it usually is their intuition, which has not been corrupted by all the outside elements that we have been tainted by over the years.

Observe your experiences throughout this week. Record all those gut or intuitive feelings that arise from within you. Be more aware of how you might revert to your old patterns of avoidance and leave yourself open to hearing, listening and responding to those authentic feelings which need to be acknowledged and acted upon with your strength, courage and knowingness. By trusting in your intuitive heart, your life will blossom.

Richest Blessings to You.

©Gail R. Mitchell 3/31/99 

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