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Are You Living Your Life Fully?

You have awakened to a beautiful day! The sun is shining brightly and for the first time in a long time you are feeling exuberant. While enjoying your breakfast before moving into your caregivers mode, you are skimming through the daily newspaper, seeing if there are any good sales, taking in what's going on in the world. All of a sudden you come across your own obituary. " Oh! My Gosh", you might say to yourself.. "How could this happen to me? This just isn't so. It isn't possible"

The truth is especially as a caregiver, that much of your thought my be centered around the death and loss of your loved one. You have been able to realize that life is short. You may reflect on their life, what they have done, could have done and more. At the same time, you may sweep some of your own fears and feelings about your living and dying under the carpet to deal with at a later time.

Well, the time is now!

The exercise that follows is an opportunity for you to be totally truthful with yourself. Know one else will read this. It is a chance to get in touch with more about your authenticity, to discover qualities or issues that you may have been denying for a long time.

The Universe is an inexhaustible flow of abundance. If you feel you haven't been dealt life fairly, then you are the only one who is keeping yourself from experiencing it. To get unstuck, you have to have the willingness and the courage to look at your life and your beliefs which surround your life in the areas of health, relationships,abundance and creative expression or soulful purpose. It means facing these issues and taking action to bring about change in your life.

By thinking about your fears and writing them down, change has already begun to take place. Even if you still choose to ignore them; or if they pass through your mind's eye while you are reflecting, you have already had a glimpse of them and they are now in your consciousness. Just by writing them down, opens you to a shift that will take place because you have acknowledged them in writing it down. It seems so painful and difficult but it can be so simple and easy. As you open up and become more truthful, the intensity of the issues are quickly dissipated.

Remember you cannot control life! But you do have the power to control your life through your consciousness, your beliefs and your attitudes about your life!

Take a few deep breaths and let go of all your worries, fears and doubts. With each deep breath you take in, breathe in lots of love and light. On each exhale, let go of everything that does not serve you in this moment. Breathe fully with awareness until you are feeling peaceful and calm from within. When you have reached this space....begin writing...


• Write what you think your obituary would say, how others perceived you.
• Write about how you have perceived your life


    • What haven't you done that you would like to be doing?
    • What are your fears and doubts that keep you from living more fully?

    • How can you go about manifesting these desires?

    • What steps can you take to begin living your life more fully right in this very moment?


    What your ideal life would look like. Questions to keep in mind are:
    • We are here on this earth to learn lessons. What do you think your life lesson's are?
    • What do you think your gifts or talents on a soulful level are?
    • Detail as much as you can in seeing this as already a part of your life.
    • Journal as much as you can about how it feels to be living your life more fully.



© 3/4/99 Gail R. Mitchell

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