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Hiding And Displacing Our Emotions On To Someone Else

Have you found yourself thinking a lot about what someone has done, what they should have done, or what they can do? Have you pondered on what you wished they had said or what they can say? All this needless worry or "mind chatter" are deterrants for what you may really be feeling inside. They are there as an outlet for your distractions as to what you are expierencing. This plays havoc on your emotional and mental outlook.

When you spend too much time thinking about things that should not bother you, you can relate it similarly to eating to much. The heaviness you are feeling from within weighs a tremendous pressure or burden for you to carry with you. This makes it so difficult for you to flow with your experiences. The little things you become stuck on begin to gradually build into mountains until it is just too much for you to deal with. It finally reaches a point that you are so stuck, your whole emotionally energy turns negative.

When you aren't coming from your truth with an open heart, you are not being honest towards yourself or others. This is in fact a form of hiding which hinders you tremendously. Tension and stress builds becoming a part of your very being in body and mind. Most people become used to this feeling. It is almost like an addiction that you accept as part of your being. These feelings drain your energies and effects the health of your body and mind.

At the same time, when coming from your heart, it is easier to express yourself, especially with others. The question is: "Is the other person ready to hear this?" In most cases they may not be. So, how do you work through this.

You may begin by stilling yourself. Move into that quiet place, deep within where there is safety and comfort. Breathe in love and light on each inhale, letting go of all the worry, doubts and fears. Exhale them into the Universe where they will be restored to perfect order and harmony, without you having to do a thing. Bring yourself to a restful space, where your mind is clearer and you are calmer.

Become the observer. Look at yourself going through the worries and challenges you face on a daily basis. Observe what your thoughts are focused on. See how much energy you put into worrying and repeatedly going over these thoughts in your mind throughout your day. See what it does to your body, your emotions and your mind.

Ask the Higher Power or Spirit for guidance and direction to take you to a place of forgiveness, truth and love. See this light and energy surrounding you as you continue to remain the observer.

When you feel comfortable enough to leave this space, knowing that you can come back to the real world with a new view of what has taken place, gently come back like a leaf falling gently from a tree to the ground.

As you open your eyes slowly, begin to write about your experiences. You will find that the truth and awareness are both of the utmost importance towards healing. The only power larger is the healing power of love, from the Universal Source.

Richest Blessings.

Copyrighted Gail R. Mitchell 01/28/01

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