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"Chop Wood And Carry Water"

"Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment,
chop wood and carry water." Ancient Chinese Proverb

Caregivers, not to mention people in general, are known to put their lives on hold while caring for the ones they love. When such and such happens, I will be able to ....... You can fill in the blanks. There is something wrong with this concept. Life is to be lived fully from moment to moment no matter what your present situation is. I could enumerate on many examples, but I know you understand what I am referring to.

The truth is that you will probably not change if you haven't made the decision to already. It is important to keep in mind that what you put off can be initiated in small ways right in this very moment. It begins with changing your beliefs that surround the idea.

The proverb quoted above reveals to us that life is a journey, not a destination. It can also be called an ongoing process. To have enlightenment, success, happiness or whatever it is you desire, it is a process to attaining them.

I am sure you have experienced that no material possession, no award, no money or whatever will make you happier or more successful. Life just won't change miraculously like you would hope to until you have attained what it is that you desire. You still chop wood, carry water and do all the daily things that are necessary in your life.

The journey is in your attitude about your life and the paths you will encounter along the way. When you can honestly know deep from within that your success and happiness come from deep inside you, you will know that your life has become an adventure, filled with love and excitement. The journey of your life is about attaining peace, happiness and joy. The journey is never ending.

The difference comes in the attitude with which you do these things.
When true success and happiness (enlightenment) is reached you will
learn that the journey IS the adventure, the excitement, and the fun
of life. The journey is success and happiness - And the journey never

You have choices. You can experience peace right in this very moment. Say out loud to yourself, "I choose Peace Right Now!"

You might think to yourself, "Do I believe in God or a Higher Power?". I have begun to understand from my own experiences that it isn't about a belief. It is about my own personal inner knowing that such a Higher Power exists, even if I am off balanced or feeling as if I am a victim. What keeps me going is my inner knowingness that I am a part of something bigger. I am a part of a larger, Universal Plan, which unites us as one. Everything is unfolding for me for my own personal growth, development and understanding.

We don't own anything. Even our personal property or our homes. On a material level we pay to have these things, but when we leave this dimension, they no longer belong to us. Work at not putting the power into these objects but to developing from within your own power and strength. Learn to accept and respect who you are. Most of all love who you are.

Each and everyone of us will always be chopping wood and carrying water while we are on this physical dimension. Do whatever you do with passion and love. We make our lives up each day as we journey through it. It might as well be magnificent.

Richest Blessings.

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