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Do You Know Who You Are?

When you first meet someone, what is it that you notice about them? Is it their eyes, the way they dress, their perfume, their smile or perhaps their physical appearance? Everyone notices something in particular whether it is with approval or even judgment. After the initial meeting words may be exchanged and you get to know the person a little bit more. As you spend more time, you begin to witness their actions and observe whether or not they walk their talk.

How do others perceive you? How do they respond to you upon first meeting you? How do they know you? When people see things in you and acknowledge their perceptions of you, how do you respond? Do you think to yourself " No, you couldn't mean me." If they were to take the time to learn more about you, they might have the opportunity to know more about your heart and soul...who you truly are. Do others see special qualities in you that you cannot see?

How do you see yourself in relationship to others? It isn't your outer appearance which is most important but your inner self and how it comes across to others. Are you able to be loving and accepting to yourself for your past as well as experiences that will reveal themselves to you in the future? Do you take time out to nurture yourself? Do you reflect and take time to heal your hurts and feelings that you may be holding on to? Are you living your life fully, willing to accept life as it unfolds before your very eyes?

By reflecting and working with your inner self, you heal yourself into a journey through life that is more joyful, rewarding, exciting, more healthy and one that is filled with forgiveness and opening to love.

Nurture your soul. There are books, television programs, articles here at the site and every where present to inspire and lift you through the difficult times into a deeper understanding and discovery of who you truly are from within.

Yearning for loving relationships usually does not bring these types of relationships into your life. If you want to experience love, you must love yourself first. Others will follow accordingly. Those you encounter daily will sense and see who you truly are.

Create some quiet time for yourself several times this week, reflecting on these thoughts. Allow yourself to drift into your own inner space and experience more of who you are. Write as much as you can about your experiences.

Richest Blessings.

Copyrighted by Gail R. Mitchell 10/30/2000

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