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Making Peace With The Little Child Within Yourself

Each of us has a little child residing within ourselves. This little child has been with us all along, even through our adult lives. The "little you" has been another voice from within yourself that has guided and directed you in many areas of your life.

As a child, your parents, teachers, culture and society instilled belief systems that reside inside your inner being. Your beliefs and perceptions which were those of this little child have been responsible for many of your experiences throughout your life. The little child may even be responsible for many of the actions and reactions you have in the present moment.

Many of you may have gotten in touch with this little child. In your relationships you may have been able to overcome the patterns and beliefs of this little one. Many of you may have chosen to ignore the attitudes that have bound you to a certain way of being.

It is important to get in touch with your inner child for many reasons. You may be a parent having difficulty coping with your own children because your own needs may not be met. In terms of a spouse, we tend to attract those individuals who mirror where we are in our own lives.

As caregivers to a parent, this little child may burst out from within at any given moment. You may find yourself having to be a parent to your parent while at the same time, you have reverted back to your childhood patterns, beliefs and roles in your communications with them. This can pose a great deal of confusion, pain and hardship if you are trying to move into the role of parenting.

One of the best ways to make ammends or peace with your little child within is to have frequent dialogues with them. It is a great experience if you can have dialogues with another individual who is there to support you through the process. For the time being, may I suggest that you get comfortable in your own energy in a safe place. Gently close your eyes and begin to take deep, slow breaths. With each inhale breathe in love and light, filling your whole being with both. On the exhale, breathe out all your worries, fears, concerns and doubts knowing that they are not serving you in the present moment.

As you begin to relax each part of your body, breathe into any areas that you are feeling stressed, pain or discomfort. When your body is completely relaxed, continue to take nice deep, slow breathes, envisioning love warming your body from within while the light heals you from within. Feel your self lifting higher and higher and freer and freer.

Now envision yourself in the most peaceful, joyful and loving setting that you can imagine. It could be by the seashore, in the mountains, in your sacred space at home or wherever. See yourself loving and peaceful. When you are able to focus on this scene, allow yourself to imagine two chairs facing one another. Take a seat and gently ask your little child to join you in the opposite chair.

Begin having a dialogue with your little child, while reflecting on your past. Begin speaking to your little child with the observations and thoughts that come to your mind. Acknowledge to your little one how helpful they have been in running your life up until this present moment. Explain to them that you understand that they did the best that they could to make the right decisions based on your experiences. Share with them, that you are grateful for their being in your life. Let them know how much you love them. Also express the ways that you feel you have put too much power into them in guiding you as they have for so long. Many emotions may start to surface for you during this process. Don't hold them in. If you need to cry, the tears will cleanse and heal you.

As you become clearer in this dialogue, take control or charge of who you are in the moment. Tell your little child that you will always love them, but you are now going to make the decisions in your life. You will always love and nurture them but they no longer can run your life.

When you feel you have completed the communications, allow yourself to embrace with your little child with love and a warm, melting hug. Let the child know that you are going to go on your separate way at this time. Explain to them that you will always be there for them.

See your child playfully leave this peaceful scene you have created. Allow yourself to be still, comtemplating all that has transpired. When you are ready to, gently come back into the real world bringing all the awareness and knowledge you have gained from the exercise.

Take time to write as much as you can remember. This is a wonderful process that you can do over and over again. Each time, you will find more patterns and beliefs that you will become aware of. Awareness is 90% of changing and healing.

Be gentle and nurturing to yourself. Richest blessings.

Copyrighted by Gail R. Mitchell 08/02/2000

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