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It is a known fact that what you expect is usually what transpires in your life. It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. You read more and more about how your thoughts create your reality. This concept is becoming more acceptable by society today as well. You find it in mainstream magazines, women's magazines, self help books and many other places.

The truth is that whatever you expect with confidence materializes from your intention. When you expect good things to happen and your intentions are strong and clear, good things usually happen to you. When you expect something negative to happen, you are usually not disappointed.Let's put it this way... you have such a strong inclination that something negative is going to happen that when it does, you aren't surprised. You get to be right!

So with this concept in mind, your expectations have an effect on the people around you as well. What you expect from people and situations determines your attitude toward them more than any other factor, and people reflect this attitude you are projecting to them, right back at you, like a mirror, whether your thoughts are negative or positive. This also goes out to the universe and manifests in your finances, careers and relationships.

Remember that you always have choices. It is no different than the saying " is the cup half full or half empty." It's all in your perception and how you choose to view things.

If you are accustom to worry and negative thoughts, you will see how much time you put into having these negative experiences show up for you. It takes so much of your time to remain focused in the negative. Likewise, if you just cancel the negative thoughts, the worries and the doubts that you have in the moment, as you catch yourself thinking them, replace them with a positive thought.

Another way of thinking about this is as follows: Life is a like a play. We make it up from moment to moment, day to day as we journey through this great adventure. You get to be the writer, producer, actors and the director. You are in control of your life. How you chooose to play it out is how the universe will reward you.

This is about catching yourself, monitoring or observing yourself... awakening and becoming conscious of where you put the power of your thoughts and energies. Take time this week to reflect on these thoughts. See if you can become more conscious, taking responsibilitiy for your throughts and actions. As you become more aware of them, replace them with newer positive thoughts. See how fast your new thoughts shift the experiences in your life.

Also, take time to write about your experiences upon reflection and when you make the conscious choices to have your life shift into a more joyful, positive way of being.

Richest Blessings.

Copyrighted Gail R. Mitchell 02/26/01

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