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Releasing Old Patterns

There is a wonderful and powerful technique that you can use to release old patterns and energy. The old beliefs that keep you stuck and unable to be fully present in the moment. You do this in a hot bath with mineral salts and candlelight. Make sure you aren't wearing jewelry, hair clips or anything that can interfere in this releasing process. These items may be holding negative charges on them and they would block the energy in your body from moving and releasing. It is also advisable to drink a glass of water before entering into your bath.

Gazing into the flame of the candle, imagine your higher power, or Jesus, Moses, Buddha, or whom ever, there with you. Feel their presence and love pervading throughout your entire body inside and out. Feel the love melting all your worries, stresses, fears, concerns and old thoughts that are no longer serving you.

Your intention to clear yourself is most important. Thoughts will begin to flood through your mind. Release things you are afraid of. Release old emotions and feelings such as guilt, grief, sadness, anger, hurt, betrayal or even abandonment. Let go of your feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, feeling used or stuck. Gently let go of old thoughts and beliefs that you may have been conditioned to accept. Begin to feel your connectedness to the Universe.

Then release all the wonderful memories you play over and over again in your mind for when you are caught up in these beautiful rememberances, you are not in the present moment either. This means releasing only the energy and the power they have that keeps you from being present. It doesn't mean letting them go where you no longer keep the wisdom, joy and love from these memorable times in your heart. You are just releasing the concepts that may keep you in judgment or comparing your life today and how it could be once again. It is an opportunity to let go so that you can become more aware of who you are in the moment so that you can create more wonderful experiences based on where you are in the very moment.

When you are finished, shower and cleanse yourself with fresh water so that everything is released from your energy.

Your intention must be very clear to let them go entirely. It must be very clear so that when you are finished bathing, you will be able to write about your experiences.

By gently nurturing yourself in releasing these energetic memories, you will find that you have a new lease on life. Pampering yourself in this fashion gives you the opportunity to open yourself to receiving the experiences you would like to have in the moment.

Richest Blessings.

Copyrighted Gail R. Mitchell 03/24/01

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