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The Words You Choose

Words are so powerful. They mean so many different things to different people. Take the word "love" It can mean an affection, a deep bonded friendship, it can mean being in love and so on. Love as a word can hold several meanings for each individual as well.

Wrong words can hurt, offend, depress, discourage, and cause someone to lose self worth and confidence. Right words can inspire, uplift, create joy, heal and ultimately show love in for others as well as in our own lives. It is important to be conscious of the words you use and how others might interpret them.

It isn't just about writing words or expressing them, but how you think of the words in your mind. The vibrations of the words resonate within the cells and organs of your body, very much like your thoughts do. The negative words which come into your mind on a daily basis remain within your system unless you consciously change them in the moment. When you are unable to change the negative words, they build into dis-ease as well as negative experiences which will occur. These words don't serve you. Many of them are words you have habitually become accustomed to.

Examples of negative words are: "can't", "no", "try", "should've", "could've", "must", and a multitude of others you use on a daily basis.

The exercise for today is doing away with these negative words. Replace them with words like "yes", "I consciously choose," "I can," "I will" and find other wonderful words that will work for you that you feel comfortable using.

Say "Yes" to your life. Begin to incorporate words like "beautiful," "magnificent," "wonderful", "outrageous", "glorious", "love"; words that excite you and others. Begin using them right now... from this moment on.
You will be amazed to see how your own energy shifts. Can you imagine what it will feel like when you speak them to others?

You have a choice in each and every moment of your day how your life will be, what your experiences will be like, and how you relate to others, as well as how they will respond to you. Take time to ponder the thoughts mentioned here. As you begin incorporating newer, more uplifting words in your daily conversations, you will see life unfolding before you in better ways than you could have ever imagined. Go for it!

Richest Blessings.
Copyrighted Gail R. Mitchell 04/28/01

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