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Overcoming Fear

Today, as caregivers, it is very important to learn how to handle your fears more than ever before. The uncertainty of your roles, the isolation you face and the lack of the unknown all stress caregivers more than the average person going through their daily lives. With the onset of the September 11th Attack and the threat of Anthrax, people in general are frightened. Fears appear to be increasing every day.

Fears not only cause stress, they can eat away at your body, mind and emotions and your spirit gets lost in the waves of emotions: anger, frustration and the loss of joy and hope. The new fears surfacing as a result of the events in September are bringing a new wave of fear that is bringing on much more depression and despair.

I have always spoken about not having control over events or other people. The only control we have is over ourselves. You are in control of your life. It is your choice how you choose to live it and how you seek the necessary tools and assistance to live your life with more peace, more joy and more love.

You must do something about it immediately if you find yourself experiencing fear. Here are some suggestions:

Repeat this several times throughout the day. Most of my fears are not about to become my reality and those that do are never as bad as I had envisioned them.

Visualize yourself living your life fully and joyfully during these times of turmoil. Where you put the power of your attention is what manifests.

Do whatever you need to do to take precautions from what you fear in a normal and healthy fashion.

Incoporate humor, laughter and inspirational television programs, conversations and reading materials into your life to lift you... Raising your vibrations allows you to attract the positive things you focus on into your life just like a magnet.

Think thoughts of peace, joy and love. Visualize it and write about it. Everything you do to lift your energy will support you in living your life more fully.

  • Live in peace,
  • Live in joy,
  • Live in inspiration,
  • Live in love
  • Live in hope

If you cannot work through your fears by sharing and communicating with others, through visualization, prayer or any of these suggestions, please seek professional help so that you can work through the fears and live your life fully. The Higher Power has created you in his image to live with joy, peace, hope and love.

YOU may be forced to live with a shadow of fear surrounding us in these times as a caregivers but you have the choice not to live in the fear of the shadow.

Remember to be gentle and nurturing to yourself. Richest blessings.

Copyrighted by Gail R. Mitchell 10/27/2001

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