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An Introduction to the Journal Process

Writing at a specific time on a daily basis is a tremendous commitment and gift that we can give to ourselves.

By writing we are able to express what is troubling us. Once written, there is a freeing from within that lets us go on with our day in a different light.

Writing can help us to view our situation and experiences from another perspective. At times, a creative flow of energy bursts through our writing with increased awareness and clarity in situations. We can then make better choices or decisions for our loved ones as well as ourselves.

In rereading our writings at later times in our lives, we can look back to see our growth etc. Keeping a journal is a wonderful healing.

The following is an excerpt from the manuscript I have completed on the journal process. For me, it says it all.


  The amazing results of writing a journal on a daily basis of my personal experiences, especially during the caregiving process gave me the opportunity to examine my own issues around death and illness. It gave me the choice to see where I wasn't living my own life fully.

Since CARETAKING was taken from my journal writings there is not too much more I can say about writing. To express my feelings and needs in such overwhelming times was a gift that I gave to myself. To date, I have had to re-read the manuscript so many times. I still cry when I reread it. However, each time I heal more and more. It is on a much deeper level too. I don't focus on the pain and sadness. I find solace, comfort and support in reading about all the healings and miracles which transpired. It is a reinforcement for me that I did everything I possibly could while respecting my father's wishes and needs. My respect and compassion for him were not out of obligation. It all came from my heart. The writings are here to remind me that I am not to diminish all my accomplishments. It is here to remind me about the healing power of love.

The biggest gift I received from the writings, was to be able to unload the heaviness and not have to carry emotions and stresses that I couldn't share with my family members. It freed me to start my day refreshed, and alert. Most of the time I was more aligned with the source or life force. There were also times that I was a total wreck. I learned to understand all these emotional ups and downs were normal.

The writing process is a commitment that many would find excuses t do for themselves. Many caregivers of parents, in particular these days, are single parent moms, also known as sandwich caregivers, who may take care of one, two or more children. Some adult children are busy corporate executives. I too, could have created many excuses, but something inside compelled me to commit to the undertaking of the writing. I was very clear that I was doing this for me. It was going to help me.

What ever the case may be, it was an enormous healing for me to create time in my busy life to work with this process. Until I made the commitment to experience the healing, I had been denying myself an extraordinary, precious gift.

It is with this inspiration in mind that I will begin to incorporate exercises for you to process in your journal writings on a weekly basis. In addition to the weekly exercises, feel free to write whatever it is that you are drawn to express. Just writing everything is an incredibly freeing experience. You owe this gift to yourself.

Every other week a new exercise will be added to the top of the following list.

(You may want to copy and paste the exercises into text so that you can print it out and transfer them into you journals.)

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