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Opening To Receive

As caregivers, we are so busy giving that we don't always allow ourselves to receive. This is not just characteristic of caregivers. It is a tendency that all givers have. It is much easier to give than to receive. In giving, we feel a sense of joy, peace or whatever when we are doing something or giving to another individual. This feeling we experience we deny to others if we do not permit them to give to us so that we are receiving. Think about it. This is what I usually think of when I am about to close myself off in accepting a gift or service that someone has given to me. There must be balance for givers and receivers.

How many may have offered help to you in the past, but in your wanting to control or be on top of things, or your need to not bother another, you have not accepted their giving.

I have a dear friend who is always giving and giving to others to the point that he truly doesn't know how to say no. Yet I have witnessed others offering their time and assistance to help him when he is in need and he always refuses the assistance. He is stuck in his own rut of not allowing himself to receive. Whatever his reasons are, be it he doesn't want to be a burden, he doesn't want to have to "owe" any one a favor, he isn't deserving; he is still denying others the joy in their offering in giving and serving him. What is equally important is that in the end he doesn't get his own needs met or accomplished and he wallows in his own victim state.

The exercise for this week is to reflect on your experiences of giving and receiving. What receiving has meant to you growing up. Was someone's giving to you based on conditions? Have you allowed yourself to receive? Were there times you can recall where there was the gift of receiving and you were too closed off to recognize that a gift was being given in the first place.

Receiving also is tied into the guidance and direction you intuitively may feel or that gut feeling that comes from within. You may not always listening to this and how has this affected you in the past.

Look into all areas of your life and see how you can open yourself to receive on the many different levels that are available to you. You will find your heart opens more and that emotionally you will feel lighter and more joyful from within.

Blessings to you.

Copyrighted Gail R. Mitchell December 13, 1999.

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