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Conflict Is Natural

You may find yourself wondering when you are going to have more joy, peace and happiness. The conflict and challenges you experience are overwhelming at times and you find yourself always hoping for another way of being..

This is not unusual for anyone to feel this way. However, this thought is erroneous. The only thing that is constant in life is change. Conflict is normal and natural. It is neither positive or negative. It just is. It is this conflict of energy or change which the universe undergoes constantly to manifest new forms in nature. If it were not for the upheavals in nature, we would not have the majestic Grand Canyon, the oceans, the mountains, the beauty of the world. All these magnificent wonders are the result of conflict and change

Likewise, your lives are in a constant state of flux or change. Birthing and deathing are also conflicts that transform us no differently. With it comes the highs and the lows. With these changes you learn, grow and heal in your life experiences. How you handle these conflicts or changes is what sets the stage for your experiences. You are a life force that is a part of the Universe.

Sit quietly and still yourself. Allow your worries, your thoughts, your concerns pass before you as you close your eyes and move into a restful state of mind. Breathe in love and light and good thoughts with each inhale and on each exhale breathe out all the worries, doubts, your fears, your stress and all that is no longer serving you in this very moment.

From many of the previous journal exercises, you have learned how to place your self into this peaceful state within a few minutes. As you feel yourself calming and stabilizing in your own energy, begin to examine all the conflicts that you are experiencing in your daily life. Observe how you feel and how you respond in your actions. How do you react to others in conflict? Know that when you are experiencing conflict you cannot experience peace. Ask for guidance and direction to see what the lessons are that you are to learn from these conflicts. What are your choices? Let your mind drift for several minutes. Simply allow yourself to be in this peaceful moment. Do not try to control the outcome. Breathe in fully and relax as you begin to observe the choices that come to you from being and observing.

When you are finished, come back slowly and gently into the present moment bringing with it all that you have gained from the exercise and begin writing all your thoughts and experiences.

Take time to do this exercise daily for one week, writing on your experiences as you turn conflict into the beauty of living your life more fully.

Blessings to you.


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