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The Eyes-Windows To Our Souls

I am sure you have all heard the expression, "the eyes are the windows to the soul" Most of us are so caught up in the physical world...especially as caregivers. Some of us have full time careers or jobs, raise a family, and also care for a loved one. With such busy schedules, our lives can be in a real tizzy.

Living in New York City, one has a great opportunity to people watch. Thousands of people everywhere....It is so easy to judge someone by their looks, their dress, their facial expression and so on...

Long ago, I became very aware of how important our eyes were. How often do you take the time to gaze from a loving space in the eyes of those you are close with? Can you look at yourself in the mirror without finding fault? Have you ever studied your eyes close up in the mirror?

The exercise this week involves creating time to study eyes....Your eyes,. your spouse's eyes, your children's eyes, the eyes of those you care for, and even your pet's eyes. Do this very consciously, with a pure intent to see deep within to the soul.....and write about what you see. Notice when you gaze and you are not coming from a loving does it feel and what do you see? Work on being aware of keeping yourself in a loving space and write about your experience. See how your own energy may shift more. Notice how your heart may open more....and how your may be filled with more happiness and peace from within.

Take this awareness out into public wherever you go. Look into the eyes of the supermarket cashier, the cleaner, the shoemaker and whomever.....and write about the feelings you experience.

Stay as open and loving as you can.....

and remember to keep writing about your past experiences until you are current.......

© 1/28/99 Gail R. Mitchell

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