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Learning To Love Ourselves Through Another

Did you ever realize that when you are in love or loving someone else, you actually feel better and perhaps even more loving towards yourself?

Many times people come into your life for specific reasons. There are no accidents. Perhaps they were there to serve a purpose. They may teach you a lesson, or help you to figure out who you are and where you are going. Something in side you knows that they are a very special person...You feel it intuitively.

And sometimes something painful or unfair might occur as a result of this other person coming into your life. It forces you into surviving or overcoming an obstacle. In doing so, you become stronger and utilize more of your potential.

These are forms of synchronization. You are all in the right place for the right reason at the right time, no matter how it might appear to be. These are like tests or mini challenges which may alter your life completely.

If life was perfect: running smoothly and there were no obstacles to overcome, you wouldn't experience any growth.

When someone loves you and you are feeling more loving to yourself. You have created them to enter into your life, to show you more about how special you are. When someone shows you conflict or negative aspects about yourself, you have created them to mirror your own beliefs about who you think you are and your perception is supported.

Ultimately, if you can resonate with any of this. You do create your own reality or life with your belief system. It is up to you to alter your beliefs to become more loving to yourself, as well as nurturing.

This week, take time to observe those who come into your life for positive reasons as well as the negative ones. Reflect back into your past to examine others who have come into your life. What lessons did you learn? How were your beliefs supported? How did you grow or heal in your life? How did your life change from these encounters or experiences? What choices or beliefs did you come away from as a result of these experiences?

Write about how you would like your life and your relationships to be. Then go out and start living it!!!!!

Blessings to you.

©Copyrighted Gail R. Mitchell 4/28/99


Copyright Gail R. Mitchell

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