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What Makes You Feel Comfortable, Joyful, Peaceful And Happy?

Most people are focused on what they don't want versus what they do want. In an effort to assist you in creating more of what you do want in your lives, take time to focus on the things that bring your comfort, joy, peace, and happiness.

Still yourself in your own energy. Breathe in love and light. On each exhale release or breathe out all the worries, fears and clutter from your mind that are keeping you from relaxing. Leave them at the doorway if you think you may need to continue thinking about them when you have completed the exercise. However, for the time being, allow yourself to settle into your own energies...breathing in love and light until you feel your abdomen rising and the rising of your chest. Give yourself permission to just let go and relax as you begin feeling lighter and freer.

When you have reached a state of peacefulness, where your mind is no longer wandering, ask your inner being to guide and direct you to those experiences which bring you good feelings in your body, minnd and spirit. Allow yourself to really feel and experience the observations or visions that come to you.

When you are ready to gentle open your eyes and bring these positive feelings with you and write about them in detail. Describe as much as you can of the details to incorporate them into your being.

Create time throughout the week to take some time to focus on this exercise so that you go deeper into your subconscious, revealing much that may have been dampened by your current life situation.

Remember to be gentle and nurturing to yourself. Richest blessings.

Copyrighted by Gail R. Mitchell 2002

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