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Acknowledging Ourselves As The Caregiver

Many caregivers are thrown into their role at the moment a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal or chronic illness. Many slowly grow into the role through an evolving process. Many are caregiving without realizing they are a caregiver.

Take time to reflect on how you became the caregiver.

  • Was it your choice?
  • What are the beneifts of being the primary caregiver?
  • What do you consider the risks to be?
  • Is or was it difficult reaching out for help?
  • Have you found it difficult finding resources and information available to you?
  • Why do you think it is easier caring for your loved one before caring for you?

Through reflection you begin to honor yourself in your role. This is extremely important for so many caregivers dimminish the work they do. Many a time they feel helpless and ineffectual.

You may want to begin to reflect on some of the following thoughts daily to bring more peace, joy, love and compassion into your heart for you and the one you are caring for.

  • What can I learn from this. What might the bigger picture of it all be like?
  • What kind of impact can I make today?
  • What is something negative that I can let go of today?
  • What am I grateful for today?
  • How do I choose to feel today?

In working with this questions, you begin to acknowledge, accept and gain more confidence in who you are as an individual. Practice these questions often, write your responses and see the shifts you begin to make as a result of your reflection.

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