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Cleaning Up The Clutter In Our Lives

The purpose of this exercise is two fold. One is the clutter in our environment and the other is the clutter in our minds. Both situations can generate frustration, exhaustion and much more as we are constantly reminded of things we may or may not have been willing to let go of. They represent holdings on. They could represent nostalgia, memoirs, laziness ... different meanings for different people.

Sometimes we put off alleviating the clutter until we are immersed in it. If we wait until this point, it can become a very disheartening and tedious experience.

In cleaning out closets and drawers, we may find clothes we haven't worn in years, maybe even since we were that much smaller size. Yet they are hanging in our closet or tucked away with the fantasy that we may be able to fit into them once again. The clothes or items, themselves, may even be outdated but there is something within that motivates us to keep on holding on to them.

My good friend Harvey used to remind me "when you gather clutter, you leave no room for new things."

Likewise, it is with the beliefs and thoughts that clutter our minds. As we begin to clean out the closet of our minds, we can find things that may never have worked for us, but were instilled in us from a very early age.

What are you holding on to that you can let go of in your own environment and within the caverns of your mind? Imagine what it feels like cleaning the clutter from your closet and drawers and nurturingly take time to proceed with cleaning the clutter from your minds.

When working with your mind, keep focused with the concept that God, Christ, Buddha, the Higher power is constantly present, expressing itself through you.. Let go of all the clutter that doesn't let you maintain this focus or a lightness and joyfulness in your heart.

Take time to write down your experiences and reinforce the letting go with the sacred thought that you are a part of the Universe, the bigger picture of the great plan.

Copyrighted by Gail R. Mitchell 2002

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