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Creating A Safe Space For Yourself

The majority of you have been writing in your journals on a daily basis. For many of you, creating the time and space was a huge challenge. Now it is time to take time from your busy schedule to create a sacred place or area in your home for yourself. I don't mean your computer area, your art studio, your sewing space,your basement or garage.

A sacred area is a place that you can go to; be it a special shelf, a little table, a corner, an area or a room that you create. Dedicate this special space to nurturing and enriching your spiritual connection. This isn't about religious connections. You may choose to add religious objects that you feel close to and that would remind you of your spiritual essence.

No matter what your religious preference might be, you are still souls and it is your soul that you are addressing in this special area. Many place candles, incense, fresh flowers, photographs of special places, crystals, a special book, stones or rocks from nature and much more, as reminders of the wondrous universe they are a part of.

There is no right or wrong to this process. However, take time to place objects that make you feel good deep from within. Objects and reminders which open your heart so that you feel more loving to yourself, when you come to this area. Know that when you are around the energy in this area, that you are immediately transported to your essence, your soul. No matter how distraught your might be, coming to the space will support you to focus immediately in the moment on your essence so you experience peace.

Creating this space may take a while until it is completed. It is the intent that you have behind your thoughts as you design it, that will manifest in the peace you experience. Whenever I add something to my home which is my sacred space, there must be value in it: a value that nurtures my that when I enter my home I always feel this energy and presence.

This week begin creating your sacred space. Take take time to write in your journal why you have chosen different objects and what you feel from them. How do they support you in nurturing your soul, your essence and let your writings unfold. Perhaps, there is something you would like to purchase later on which you can add to your space. Detail as much as you can in your writings.

Be at one with your sacred space.

© 2/11/99 Gail R. Mitchell

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