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Self-Limiting Habits

How do you break the habit of thinking one way and yet responding or doingsomething in another way?

For example, while your mind knows things are looking brighter in your life and are going well for you; yet, you may still be worrying about something that someone has done to you. You are focusing on the worry rather than the good that you are experiencing . When your thoughts on the worrying, it is a product of your conditioning. Your habits (patterns) of your past are self-limiting.

Another way of looking at self-limiting habits is in the daily routines you go through like a robot. The mouse you are using is set up to use for your right or left hand.? What would it take to give your main hand a rest and alternate between the other one? Try it. Put your mouse to the hand you normally don't use and see what it feels like. Is it difficult? Is it awkward? Is it as much of a challenge as you might have expected it to be? Aaaah.... so it wasn't so bad. It may have felt strange and it may have slowed you down for a minute until you adjusted to it. However, it wasn't that bad.

Unlearning these self-limiting habits is not as difficult as you may think. It takes unlearning and relearning. It takes practice and repetition. It takes a stick-to-it-ness and determination. It takes your commitment to keep your power by acknowledging that you are in control of your thoughts. It takes awareness and your acceptance to know that you have the power to change your own thoughts which are your reality. Your thoughts are you. You are the thinker that manifests these thoughts into your reality.

The exercise this week is to become conscious of habits you limit yourself to. The regimented actions, routines, and yes, even your thoughts and beliefs. Awaken yourself to these patterns. Play at changing them by making conscious choices to the discovery of new and better ways that may enhance your life in ways that you may not have imagined. Write daily about them.

Be light and playful in your recognition rather than berating or beating yourself help for them. Delight in the new awareness' that will come to you. Enjoy who you are and how you are taking risks to improve the quality of your life.

Have fun!!!!! Let's hear some laughter!!

Copyrighted Gail R. Mitchell 2/3/2000

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