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Why Do You Have The Need To Belong?

Lately, there have been so many articles written on younger people returning to religions. One reason is their search for belonging. In the last journal exercise we spoke about loneliness and how we were not alone in the greater scheme of the universe.

If you could still yourself long enough and quiet yourself from within to observe your so called physical or reality world, you might begin viewing it as if it were a dream. In this dream you are busy in your role of caregiver tending to so many daily routines. In the scope of the world or universe, these worries, fears and doubts appear small. However in your reality they can be come grand enough that you allow them to take over and control your life.

In your isolation as a caregiver you may experience this yearning or longing to belong. Where does it come from? It comes from deep within from your soul. Yet, your soul is never separate from the Universe. It is you that allows yourself to detach from this idea and in doing so, you begin to experience that deep sense or need for belonging. The more I learn about this sense of belonging, the more inclined I am to believer that this longing is also a sense of intimacy. And, many of you would like to experience more intimacy in your lives. So you may say to yourself, I want a relationship that offers more intimacy. The truth is, are you willing to open yourself to the intimacy and partake in it? If you truly are then your sense of intimacy and longing would no longer be there as you would attract those people and experiences that would support this way of being.

When you are rejected you become sensitive and you feel hurt. On the other side of rejection is acceptance. Heaven is portrayed as a sense of belonging in most religions. In heaven, there is only inclusion and unity with the higher power.

Nature has put you here to be free; for your spirit to grow, to learn about forgiveness, to heal and to open to love. Most humans opt to choose what appears to be an easier path of comfort and usually your experiences tend to be predictable or habitual for that matter.

The longing that you may experience is not only a reminder of something bigger out there in the total scheme of things, but it reminds you of when you are or aren't living your life to the fullest. You may long for love, for happiness, for friends, for money or whatever. The longing persists until you begin to act on it, making changes from within to create a life that is more fulfilling to you. The longing helps you to realize that you are not separate from the world that we are all a part of. You are here on this physical plane and you are a gift...a child of are not belong.

Take time to still yourself in the quiet of your own energy. Slowly and deeply with each inhale, breathe in love and light. With each exhale breathe out all your worries, your doubts, your concerns and fears. Breathe in love and light until you feel all the parts of your body relaxing and melting into where you are resting. Let yourself reach a high, going higher and higher with each inhalation until you no longer are distracted by the wordly plane.

Allow yourselve to become the observer. Watch without judgment your daily routines, experiences, thoughts and dialogues. Acknowledge what you observe in terms of your own inner longing. Imagine what it would feel like to have no thoughts of separation. Sense and feel what it is like to feel apart of everything in this universe. Give yourself permission to really get in touch with this feeling of inclusion. Bathe yourself in these feelings. Take them in to your cells and organs. Allow them to penetrate to your heart and through your mind and luxuriate in these wonderful feelings.

When you are complete, allow yourself to float back into your real world, almost as if you were a leaf falling from a branch on a tree in the gentle breeze, swaying to and fro until you brush the surface of your physcial plane, remembering all your thoughts and feelings. Bring all these wonderful awarenesses with you as you gently open your eyes. When you open your eyes, notice how brilliantly, how clear everything becomes as you begin to look around you. When you are ready to do so, journal your experiences.

May your journey be nurturing, loving and gentle

In Love & Light


Copyrighted by Gail R. Mitchell 01/20/2000

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