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T.R.Y. (Taking Responsibility Yet?)

I love this acronym for TRY. Are you Taking Responsibility Yet?

I am sure that you have caught yourself many times saying, I am trying to do something and you never can follow through with it. Life is about doing, not trying. Trying is defined as "making an attempt" to do something. It is also a gauge for your level of intention in doing something. Perhaps when you aren't clear you try.

Trying is another way that you give your power away. It indicates the level of responsibility you are willing to take on for your own actions to live your life more fully.

Make a list of something you want to change, accomplish or experience. Think of things you have been trying to do up until now. Then put the word "because" at the end of each item...

It should look like this:
"I haven't been good to myself, because"
"I haven't changed because"

Fill in your responses to the items you have listed. You are the cause in the because. If you haven't been taking responsibility and you are blaming it on the becauses, it is time to take action for yourself. Reclaim your power to enforce changes in all the items you have included in your list.

The next time you catch yourself "trying" remember to ask yourself. "Am I taking responsibility yet?"

You always have choices. By taking responsibility your are living your life more fully by acting on the cause from with in your very being.

To effect change in your life is to be responsible. You can make these choices based on desperation or from inspiration. Life is a learning process. Enjoy your journey.

©Copyright Gail R. Mitchell 5/25/99

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