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Discovering Your Life Purpose

We are all children of God. Call it what you may. However, we all come from the same "energy" or "force." You may call it, (God) by a different name but we are all one as brother's and sisters on this planet.

Each of you has come into this world with special gifts and talents that make you unique. Do you know what your special gifts are? Some of you may and some may not. There are many reasons why you may not have become aware or aligned with your gifts..

Cultures, society, family upbringing, schooling, employers and other institutions didn't' really guide or instruct you in how to get in touch with your incredible gifts. Fortunately today, more than every before, schools, teachers, and the cultures are encouraging this growth and awareness more and more. However, I am sure most of you will agree that when you were growing up, you lacked this support.

Many of you have gone through your lives to date unaware of the gifts you came into this life with. Yet you may find yourself not being at peace from within, happy or fulfilled. Many of you may feel that your happiness or completeness depends on another person being in your life. Many of you may feel defeated, incomplete, or just plain stuck in a rut. Many of you continue to search and search for the answers in a variety of ways..

The one truth that I can tell you, is that once you have found your purpose, your gifts and your talents, and you take action to have them become a part of your life's existence, you will begin to feel more life, more joy, more fulfillment, more health, more prosperity and abundance and most of all more love. Life will seem easier. You will "effort less." You will be in the flow and in harmony with the universe.

So you may ask. "How do I go about discovering my unique gifts at this stage of my life?" You may be thinking, "I don't have time for this. I have a family to raise, a parent to care for." You may have even reached the stage of retirement and been thinking "What am I going to be doing for the rest of my life?" Whatever comes up for you, is what you need to experience in the moment.

For some of you, as you begin to ponder on this thought, answers may be revealed to you. Instantaneously. For some of you, you might just choose to reflect on hobbies or interests that have challenged and inspired you in the past. These joys may be an indication as to the areas of your strengths to pursue. For others, you may have to still yourself as well as your mind from within in order to be receptive enough to tune into the answers from within yourself or from your angels or guides.

Prepare a quiet time and a safe place where you can feel comfortable and won't be disturbed. If you would like to light a candle or candles, you can focus on the image of the movement of the flame. Begin to take in nice, slow easy breaths. With each inhale breathe in love, light and good thoughts. On each exhale breathe out all your negativity, your doubts, your fears and concerns. Let them go out into the universe where they will be restored to perfect order and harmony. Breathe in and out slowly, regulating your heartbeat and observing your thoughts, your resistance and your receptiveness.

When you feel your body relaxing, on each inhale, feel your breath go to different parts of your body. Send your breath to your feet and feel them relax, your ankles, your calves, your knees, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, your solar plexus, your lower back. Sense your breath going to each area and relaxing them. Continue on to your heart area, your lungs, your shoulders, arms, forearms, hands, the muscles in your neck, your upper back, your face, the muscles of your mouth, eyes and your forehead. Feel yourself relaxing completely.

Next. Visualize a bright white laser beam of light warming you throughout your body, letting you relax deeper and deeper and deeper to a point where you really are not distracted by any outside forces. Feel yourself at one with yourself and the universe.

Begin to ask the question in your mind's eye. What are my gifts and talents? What is my purpose? You may repeat these questions a few times. Your intent is extremely crucial at this time. When you feel comfortable in knowing that you have focused completely on these questions, allow the stillness to pervade you from within. "Be still and know thyself."

For most of you, at this point in time you may be receiving impressions of some sort. You may hear answers. You may see visions. You may sense feelings. Whatever comes to your mind's eye will be information that you are meant to become aware of. Allow yourself to remain in this state for as long as you can.

When you feel yourself coming out of the state. Think of yourself fragile as a leaf, gently falling from a tree to the ground. Know that when you come back into the present moment, you will bring back all the wisdom and the answers you have begun to discover. Begin writing about the experiences. There is no need to spell correctly, or write it down grammatically correct. Let your hand just write free of it's own accord. Write as much as you can.

Take time to do this meditation at least one more time during the week. You will find that as you begin to practice with it more and more, that you will go deeper and deeper, receiving a great deal of information that will assist you in your discovery.



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