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Inspiration offers a variety of uplifting as well as thought provoking stories, quotes, and articles that will open your heart and provide peace of mind. Our newest articles are listed first and decend in order of publication. We have so many articles that you can go from page to page by clicking on the hearts above.The hearts will also take you to each table of contents page as will the links just below.

Table Of Contents
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What Is Prayer?
You'll Find True Joy Using Your Potential
Desire Is The Key To Your Success
Look At Things As They Can Be
Accept Change With A Smile
What You See Is What You Get
Thoughts On Days You May Feel Disoriented
This Moment
Life In Abundance Comes Only Through Great Love
Master Life, Don't Let It Master You
A Friend
More Quotes
The Quality Of Life Starts In Your Mind
Tomorrow Is Not Promised

What Lies On The Other Side? & Time
The Will Of God
Believe In Your Heart
Letting Go
The Gift of Joy
I Shall Allow Myself...
She Doesn't Know Me
Remember Me
More Lessons I Have Learned
Thoughts On Joy
Your Very Own Bank Account
Grandma On Call
Windshield Lesson From A Child

Are You God's Wife?
Information Please
A Message From The Dalai Lama
Memo From God

The Window
Our Deepest Fears by Marianne Williamson
You Do Not Exist For Yourself

Who's To Be Master Of Your Life?

Trust Your Wings
The Trip

The Power Of Words
Knowing About Life
Every Winner Has Scars

Always Think Positive
The Second 10 Commandments
I've Learned....
Some Of What I Have Learned
So this Is Christmas

Quotes To Lift Your Soul 
Truth Serum
I Am Me
Symphony Of Surrender
Some Affirmations For The John
Magnificent Attunement
Untitled By The Gatekeeper
Being Honest With Ourselves
The Victor
Two Poems
God's Garden
And God Said No
Thank You Lord
Self Encounter
The Great Invocation
The Obstacle In Our Path
Giving Blood
Rules For Being Human
The Bus Driver

Stained Glass

Table Of Contents
Pages 1 2 3

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