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We welcome articles from contributing authors, caregivers and other professionals to help us build one of the largest independent collections of quality articles on caregiving related issues and articles or words of inspiration.

Experiences and stories, including success stories which offer hope, ideas and encouragement, are most important. If there is an emotional and spiritual slant as well, we welcome your articles. They can be book reviews, information on new treatments, insurance, finances, legal information, alternative healing methods, legislation and advocacy. Our goal is to provide our guests with as much supportive information as possible.

Articles written solely to promote your products or service are not encouraged. Articles should be first and foremost informative. We want information that will help educate or make a difference in the lives of caregivers, caring for a loved one. We can link to your commercial web site, but please avoid hyping products or services. The only exception to this rule are features about new books written by authors/publishers -- these, by their nature, are informative.

We welcome contributions from everyone with something original to offer, including articles by medical experts, knowledgeable or interested individuals, and disease/disorder web sites, caregiver stories or experiences, patient stories/experiences by individuals who wish to share their story and help others in the process. There is no limit to the number of articles you may submit. If you want to contribute articles on a regular basis (ie. bi-weekly or monthly) just let us know in advance so we know when to expect them. If you are interested in publishing a column for the site, we encourage you to contact us.

If you own or maintain a web site, we will reference your site at the bottom of each article, including a link to your site and a brief description or bio about you or your site (don't forget to send us the URL and brief description you'd like us to use with your submission). Since we can't pay you (believe us, we would if we could!), so the next best thingwe can do in exchange is to direct visitors your way and help you enhance your online presence or promote your book, project, or service.

You own your copyright! We just would like your permission to use your article(s) and distribute it on our site. Authors give their implicit permission to Empowering Caregivers
TM / to use and post their work when they submit articles or stories. All posted articles will have the following notice: "It is illegal to reprint articles, in any format (including emails, websites, etc.), without explicit written permission from the author of this article".

Help others! Have the knowledge that you are doing something positive and actively participating in our site's growing community and resource site focused on the needs of individuals whether they are family caregivers, professionals, and even patients who visit the site. You may site yourself as a contributing author at Empowering Caregivers
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Length Of Submissions:

Caregiving related articles should range from a minimum of 450 words to approximately 1500 words. Longer articles will be accepted provided they are really appropriate for caregivers. We have found that when the articles are too long, the viewer, doesn't always finish reading the article. Inspiration has no limit since submissions may fall under poetry and other banners.

How You Can Submit Your Article(s)

You have several options when submitting articles. 1) You can email them to us in the regular body of your email; 2) email them to us as a Microsoft Word email attachment; 3) email them to us as a .txt document attachment; 4) email them to us as an HTML document attachment. The second or third options are preferable if the article you are submitting is lengthy. Please format text using Arial font. Ensure you have your bio/signature at the bottom of your article. Say something about yourself or your web site (if you have one). Limit it to approximately 4 lines and don't forget to add the link to your URL! Email all submissions to our Gail R. Mitchell:

When and Where Will My Article Appear After I Submit It?

We will do our very best to add articles within one week after submission, very often even sooner. Articles will appear under the "Caregiving Articles" and "Inspiration" features of our site, accessible from our homepage content page of either category. We will also announce your the posting of your article in our newsletter which appears at the site as well.

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