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Truth Serum
Harvey Cohen, Ph.D.

I realize my attitude determines the ideas I have, the opportunities I see and the quality of life I experience. I realize pessimism / negativity blocks from my awareness ideas and opportunities that enhance my life in greater ways.

I realize the more optimistic I am, the more I am inclined to effortlessly gravitate to mental, physical and spiritual peace and harmony. I realize that the only thing that can block me from living life more completely, doing and being what I love too do and be in a more loving, joyful and prosperous way, is my pessimistic / negative attitude of mind... that is hypnotized to habitually believe life is a struggle. I am inadequate in some way, I am a helpless victim of people and circumstances. And as I think about it, it is all lies!

I now de hypnotize myself from believing I am inadequate in anyway by realizing, as I am now realizing pessimism / negativity is a habit that I have the potential to break. I now de hypnotize myself from believing that I am inadequate in any way by realizing, as I am now realizing the truth of my indisputable God-like qualities. My indisputable God-like qualities are not qualities of someone who is inadequate in any way. God-like qualities such as: I have without a question, innate unlimited potential.

There is no idea I cannot have. There is no limit to my creativity. I have the potential to know whatever is necessary to know for me to experience greater joy, success and happiness than I have a habit of experiencing.

As I de hypnotize myself from habits that are self-limiting, as my mind gets use to knowing that my true nature is the complete and total ability to go beyond any habitual self-limiting idea that I was hypnotized by... my potential is awakened and takes me over, guiding and directing me to the ideas of greater awareness and opportunities that significantly enhance all areas of my life in greater ways; without even trying. I realize there are unlimited possibilities available to me today and every day. Possibilities that include experiences of great joy, success, satisfaction, health, love and great peace of mind.

I am more inclined to be aware of ideas and opportunities that are in harmony with optimum health, wealth and success , joy and my overall well-being. On this I can rely.


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