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One never realizes the good that they do
Until long after the fact, and their efforts are through
They go about their daily lives ---
Not knowing who has read and surmised

That what they are facing has been faced before
One already walked in their shoes - Knows the score
Help is available at every turn ---
Comfort is free and cannot be earned

One lives with blinders and thus, cannot see
The fruit that is brought forth from a mature tree
Others receive bounty from God's open hands
Their hope is renewed, and faith lives again

Yet I am the one who walks in the dark
I cannot quite grasp that I hold the spark
That lights the way brightly for those close behind
The words from my pen bring peace to their minds

So, yes, I am grateful for all that I've seen
In the midnight hour, the places I've been
Where no man could go with me - so I went alone
But Christ was there waiting, to give me a home

Here upon earth, I may claim a small place
I hold deed to Heaven, by His mercy and grace
So even though others find answers through me
'Tis not I, but GOD - It is CHRIST whom you see.....

@2000 Dorothy Womack

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