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Thoughts On Joy

One of the greatest gifts we receive each moment from the almighty power and presence of the Universe, is the gift of joy. You know when your experiencing a joyful moment, because your consciousness responds with flashes of happiness and enthusiasm.

The greatest power we have besides our thoughts, is the power of choice. We chose what we really want to go through in our experience, and when we've made the right choice we celebrate with joy and happiness.

Take a moment, and examine your life's situation. What is it you really want, that will bring joy and happiness to you right now? Think about it! However, in your thinking, ask yourself will what you want enhance or impair your circumstances?

Each moment we are always demonstrating our good, even when things seem to appear bad. I like to look at what's not working for me as really working, because I'm only looking at it wrongly. For every wrong, there is a right. For every sorrow, there is joy. It all boils down to how you look at things, and how are you are perceiving them in your life. How are you looking at your life right now? Is it from a perspective of happiness or sadness? Optimism or Pessimism?

Regardless of your view on life, know that all outlooks change in accordance to the choices you make at any given moment. A good affirmation to say this week is; "I know that today, my life is filled with joy and happiness." Believe and accept this, and know that it is, and watch for the positive results.

Peace & Blessings,

Thomas Gordy

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