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Some Of What I Have Learned

I can spell things the way I want, so please work to get used to my spelling of the word soul, as "Sould." :-)

Spiritual growth and enlightenment is work. It is also a path or a journey, and it not really a point of destination. It is a progressive attainment. It is remembrance of all your parts.

Once you find that big chill, your Sould always wants more! Go for it!

The Universe is expanding, and will continue to do so, until it doesn't. Then it will contract. The same is true of us, until that contraction. Keep growing, or you will know the only form of death that is real.

Do as your Sould desires, or you will be going it alone. Your Sould knows best. Do its bidding, rather than making it do yours, and life will be magical again, like when you were a child!

If you use your senses fully and regularly, you'll be able to more fully trust them when in doubt or confusion. Your worst days will be better than your present best if you aren't yet doing this. If you're still in emotional pain, it means you don't quite understand yet. Accept the pain, and keep seeking for the solution to find peace once again.

Expectations are the primary cause of frustration and anger. Expect nothing, want nothing, make happiness from what's before you, and you will find peace. Plus you'll maintain it!

Sometimes you just have to walk away. Sometimes there's nothing else you can do. Sometimes it is the best thing you CAN do.

If you did the best you could in each moment of now, you have nothing to hold onto from the past. If you did not do your personal best (as opposed to someone else's opinion of your best and only you know) try to make it up to the person(s) affected. Then forgive yourself, and move on. Soar! Dare to soar!

If you eat well, get plenty of rest and exercise, you will enjoy life more.

When you feel depressed, the best thing you can do is to do something. When you're busy doing, the solutions and the truth of your feelings will make themselves readily apparent. If you sit and stew, time flies with little or no benefit accrued. You must also be willing to accept and face the feelings that are depressing you. Don't repress, express! Once you accept your feelings, you can deal with them in the most constructive manner possible.

There IS such thing as evil. And God tells me there really is a hell, and that our lives can be hell if we choose to make them that way. Which have you chosen?

Your destiny is within your control. Unless it's not. Your beliefs determine that. There is no such thing as a victim. It is a matter of perspective.

There is nothing that makes one thing inherently "good" and another "bad." It is a matter of perception.

"Perspective: use it or lose it!" Richard Bach, "Illusions" What is real is what you believe - at least to you.

Sometimes the best of friends just can't understand. In those times, you have to see yourself through your own eyes, and the eyes of God. His perspective of you will never hurt you, unless you refuse to facewhat you've done... And that's no way to live.

God is real. He'll talk to you if you ask, and believe, and mostly listen. Listen and observe all things.

"Be aware of all things all the time." God to Jeff, 1997 Most people really don't listen. See for God's take on listening.

God wants to give you to "have it all." God wants to help, but won't unless you let Him. Period.

Freewill goes both ways. If you wish to enjoy yours to the fullest, don't attempt to effect the freewill of others.

If you punch your neighbor, he will punch you back. Why don't people understand this?

Most people never live with the throttle fully opened. Do you dare?

"The Tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of education."
William Blake

It is only yours to decide who you are relative to all that is around you. Look carefully and choose wisely.

"Judgment hurts. Therefore, don't label others, for doing so will only hold that person to the label you've designed, for they may believe it."

"Sometimes you have to be that which you are not in order to remain who you are." God in "Conversations with God"

All that is around you was created in this moment by the choices you made in the past and in the present. Even if it doesn't seem so at the time, accepting this truth helps you keep moving. If you don't like your reality, you can choose again.

"The success of a relationship is not measured by its length." God in "Conversations with God"

People change. Let them.

People will tolerate incredible things, and overlook the obvious in an attempt to try to create a reality they wish to live within, or accomplish a long pursued goal.

Your perception is in effect your reality. What you believe is around you is all that you will see. Belief is a funny thing that way. If you limit your perceptions of what is around you, then you will see very little in the long run.

That which you want with earnest you cannot have, since the wanting of it is a statement of your lack of it. See perceptions above. When you stop wanting it, then you can have it.

Things and people are not always as they seem. Trust your internal "gut feelings." Should you sense that something is not right, you don't have to know why. Just simply move away from it.

When you hear the little serene voice, trust it. That's God or your Sould trying to help you.

"There are many spirits who help us." Cindy Williams

Sometimes it is best to let go. Love lets go, while fear grapples and holds on.

Fear is the chief cause of the negative things that happen in this world. Whatever you fear most is likely to happen. Therefore, it is best to face your fears and realize a way around them. Find a way using Love to get to where you wish to go.

"Take time to believe!" God to Jeff, 1999

Sometimes evil prevents us from seeing what we already believe. Keep working through it. Tell it "NO! GO AWAY. NOW!" It is up to you. The best way to deal with forces that may slow you down is through action. Action creates your reality very effectively and very quickly.

Even when others don't seem to understand, trust your inner truth. It will see you through.

"Hold your own council and allow others theirs." God in "Conversations with God"

Love no one more than you Love yourself. If you Love yourself first, you will be able to give more to others. Do what is truly and deeply good for you, and it will, by definition, be good for all others.

Remember, not all will agree...

Take no abuse. To do so is to harm the abuser also, for you haven't stopped them from doing something that is negative for them as well. "No one deserves abuse. No one. No matter what." God to Jeff, 1997

If you want more Love, give more Love. It is that simple.

When you feel as if you have nothing, it is the very best time to give to others.

Understanding and compassion come from the heart. Use it or lose it.

"Success is not measured in goods or money. Success is fullness of Sould." God to Jeff, 1997

Evil is part of God's plan, just as black is opposite of white. That is the way of things in this land of the relative. If we didn't have the polar opposites, how could we choose using our freewill? How else would we understand what is good without the polar opposite? Therefore, evil is a good thing to be relative to, just not such a good thing to be. The choice is always our own.

"Be. Just Be." God to Jeff, 1997-9. (I'm still working on that one),

We came here to experience and/or enjoy our lives. There is nothing to prove. This is your opportunity to gain understanding by applying your inherent knowledge, through the magic of doing. Even in the darkest times, your Sould may be having a great time reveling in the experience! You can too, depending on your perspective.

"First comes knowledge, then experience, from which comes understanding. That is what you AND your sould seeks." God to Jeff,1997-9

"Our children are often our spiritual parents. They remind us and help us remember who we are." God to Jeff, 1998

People who don't like cats are often controllers. Watch out for them. Cats just Love to mess with these people, to try to get them to see this I suspect, or perhaps to have others see it too! LOL

Cats that don't like people may be smarter than you think. Then again, they may just be suffering from delusions of grandeur! :-)

Animals have every bit as much ability to feel as people do. Treat them as you'd wish to be treated and they will be there for you when you need a friend.

Squirrels in the dead of winter could use your help. Do you have any extra peanuts?

"If you don't water your plants, they will not grow. The same analogy can be applied to all aspects of life, including yourself." God to Jeff, 1999

That which you cherish will remain. That which you ignore will go away. It's the squirrel thing again...

Religion is often man's way of complicating and defining God. God is incredibly easy to understand. To do so, just realize that most of what you think about Him being complicated and scary is wrong. Find the simplest, most peaceful and most effective way to get many things accomplished - all at the same time - and this is probably God's way. The apparent mystery many mention about God indicates that they don't see through things using His grander perspective. If they did, it would reveal just how simple and unencumbered God's ways really are.

"God is also female. God is all that is, all that isn't, and all that is in-between. God is male, female, neither and both, all at the same time. Individually too!" God to Jeff, 1997

If you want true fullness in life, it is necessary to let go of all fear. Fear displaces Love like water displaces air. The opposite is also true, thankfully!

Whatever you can imagine you can create! Dare to dream, listen and then soar. Go for it, baby!

There truly is nothing to fear, but fear itself. Fear is what we often hold onto when everything around us seems to defy what faith tells us. That is when faith is needed most, but also the time most of us forsake God and the belief in ourselves. Don't forsake God when you need Her most.

God didn't intend for us to figure out His mysteries through science. That is why they're called mysteries. However, all you seek you will find the answers for you and for your life. Seek within yourself.mThat's where Einstein looked for his answers, just as did Telsa, one of the world's greatest inventors. Ask, believing it will be given to you, and it will be done unto you. That's also why fear creates reality so effectively also. Most believe in their fears more than their dreams.

"Go within, or go without," God in "Conversations with God"

"People are more creative in a much faster way when fear drives them than when Love is the motivator. Why? Because people often place more power behind fears than behind Love based thoughts. You can change that." God to Jeff, 1999

"I doubt that this world will become a kinder, more loving place in your lifetime... but miracles do happen! It is up to each of you." God to Jeff, 1999

If you could know God's political views, they'd seem liberal, except there'd be the most conservative nature running through the center, along with great wisdom. He sees the balanced point in-between the two polarities. Why can't we?

God wants only two things from we humans:
1. That we look Him in the eyes. (This requires facing Him squarely, thereby facing ourselves at the same time with our truths. All of them.)
2. That we try. (Try to do our best, and strive always for grander understanding and to do the thing that represents our highest natures.) God to Jeff, 1997

Teachers are all around us. Masters, much like Jesus and Buddha, are always around. You may be one of the people of the many subgroups. I know, for example, that I am one of the speakers. I tell people what I know. Others are helpers, and others are healers. Some, however, are here only because they Love this place where all is relative.

"Believe in and be who you are, and others will see the strength within you. Let nothing stop you from Loving who you are." God to Jeff, 1999

"Use your magic. You know how to use it, but you sometimes don't. That's a stall tactic if you ask me." God to Jeff - today!

There is no limit to your powers, except any and all self-imposed limits you imagine.

"You will do all I have done and more." Jesus, paraphrased. (Look it up! I don't quote chapter and verse.)

We switch between Love and fear on a regular basis, until we don't anymore. It is a matter of conscious choice. It is work, but it is rewarding work that will lead you to all you've ever wished to have, experience and create.

Whenever in doubt, ask yourself, "What would Love do now?"

We were made in His image. We create! You have God within you. He Loves it when you use it!

"The only difference between the Masters and the rest of us is that they come to the same decision, over and over, without fail. They choose Love. You can do so also. This will lead you to your personal power and enable you to make your dreams come true." God in "Conversations with God," paraphrased, and to Jeff in 1998

"You truly can move mountains. And you don't need a shovel or even teamwork. You have the magic within you, if only you'll believe. Ask and you shall receive. It is a matter of belief." God to Jeff, 1999

"God is within you. That is why you can trust your instincts. Those instincts are divine." God to Jeff, 1999 (This is also why you are powerful and can move mountains!)

Sometimes that which seems impossible is the only path that will carry you forward on your path. Don't think twice. Just move forward with a trusting heart, and enjoy the miracle as it unfolds.

"Belief without second guessing and hesitation is perfect faith. Otherwise it isn't belief at all!" God to Jeff, 1999

Relationships are just that. One person being relative to another. Try not to seek what you can get from a relationship, but what parts of yourself you can remember and allow to blossom while being relative to another. See what unexercised part of yourself you can bring to the relationship and how much bigger you can become as a result See how you can help to uplift and help the other person bloom even more fully, because of the light and beauty of your Love. The kind of Love is irrelevant.

Everything we need to be happy is presented in some form around us always. The difficult part is realizing and trusting that fact, there by making the most of it for our enjoyment.

When you don't understand, go to God. He Loves that! ;-)

Hate begets hate. Evil begets evil. Love begets Love.

Should someone ever raise their voice to you, try lowering yours after a short pause. Look at them in the eyes. Love them. Understand them. You will be amazed how quickly their voice lowers to match yours. It works! Try it. Really. Go for it! :-)

"We are silly, arrogant and self-absorbed to believe that life doesn't exist beyond our planet." Personal experience. And no, I haven't been abducted! ;-D

Sexual intimacy is the most powerful and wonderful way for two people to enjoy themselves that we have. Through such intimacy, it is possible to truly become one with the other. The child that sometimes results is the natural combination of their physical attributes, as well as the energy that comprises their Soulds. Creation creates a new sould in effect - a new combination!

Angels are real. They are all around us. Some are in the form of humans, while others are not. Some are kind and patient, while others are rather bossy. It all depends on what you need to get through to you. ;-)

It takes great persistence and a great deal of time to get God to go away. But in time, He will if we're persistent enough. Thankfully, most of us aren't consistent enough in our thinking to have him leave our lives for good. Take care in what you're doing and wishing. Sometimes our Soulds call for God to come, and our minds push Him away. This is very common. Try to understand why you do this if you do. Know most of all that you deserve His help and Love and that you are worthy of God's presence. He made you, after all. He doesn't make mistakes. If you think so, think again, since it is your perception that makes you think so.

God doesn't know all people. Some never accepted His ideas and the thoughts He works to interject into our hearts.

"We ALL have a measure of faith." The Bible, paraphrased

True thankfulness is the highest form of prayer and creates reality faster than any other form of request. This is because thankfulness requires understanding that something you're thankful for is present. Therefore, if you have strong enough faith, give thanks for that which you desire to come into your life.

Prayer isn't a begging or placation. It doesn't have to be aseparation from God. You can communicate with God directly.

Sometimes Love is not enough of a reason to remain in a relationship.

Love is a verb as well as a noun. The trick to remember is putting action into the concept.

Balance happens in the now. If you don't today begin to balance your life, you never will accomplish it. If even in the smallest ways, some form of action will bring you closer to the peaceful place we all enjoy.

All your power is found exclusively in the now. All you do to create your next moment of reality is done in the now. Dare to focus exclusively in the present and you will find a greater sense of ease and peace as you take the journey along your chosen path.

Purpose in life makes it all very worthwhile. Do you have a purpose? Ask your Sould to define your purpose or purposes. Your Sould will help you understand in one of many ways. Your sould will have its way, eventually. Wouldn't you rather do it the easy way?

Miracles happen every day. Without expectations, we can see them much more readily.

Thankfulness is not expectation.

Both evolution and creationism are correct. Why does it have to be only one way to most people?

Make a great day. That is how it is done.

Accept responsibility for all that is around you and you will gain incredible freedom and power.

Those who deny still don't enjoy the peace of their truth.

"Argue for your limitations and surely they'll be yours." Richard Bach, "Illusions"

We have to get out of our minds to know the will of our hearts.

"Use your mind, body and Sould as a unit. It all works better as a matched set. Remember, it is about balance." God to Jeff, 1999

When we talk with another, we exchange personal energy. Those who hold onto their speaking turns not only are making themselves irritating to others, but they are also robbing energy from the other. If you do this, continue doing so at your own expense. You will eventually drive away all those who have abundant and free-flowing energy, because they recognize the source of drain. This is what I refer to as modern-day vampirism. Some take pride in controlling others in this manner, but we all know we can control only ourselves in the long run. Arm folding is often a sheer sign of someone resisting such an energy drain. Read :"The Celestine Prophecy" formore on this subject.

Written by: Geoffrey (Jeff) Nickerson
Copyright (c) 1999 Mullen Corporation. You may forward this story to others for with notice intact, for non-commercial purposes only. All Other Rights Reserved.

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