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Untitled By The Gatekeeper
through Patricia Hayes 

A smile is the expression of a happy soul.
Whatever makes you happy, treasure it and let it flow to others.
A flower is a seed evolved. A light is a soul evolved.
We are all in the process of evolving.
Is it easier not to know than to know?
Are there any disadvantages to ignorance?
The path is lit for those on it.
There are many lights.
Are you a light or do you choose darkness?
Decide for the choice is yours.
What do you have to lose?
The light provides clarity to choose the path.
Choose now.

Take your soul seriously and don't take life so seriously.
Look after your well-being.
Search for health, happiness and knowledge.
Search for the knowledge that flows through your inner senses.
Be happy.
Do what is necessary to be happy.
If you do not know what to do, try things that will make you happy,
Then choose for yourself either to continue or keep searching.
Be beautiful from within and in your radiations to others.

Stop criticizing and be.
Be the most beautiful you that you can.
Think beautiful thoughts when your mind drifts.
Feel beautiful feelings as often as you can.
Do beautiful things for yourself and everyone you come in contact.
Be beautiful and allow patience to hold your hand as you
begin the process of becoming beautiful….

Patience is beautiful, the most beautiful quality of the soul
for it has seen the fulfillment of its goal and has attained beauty.
Strive to be patient in that you enjoy the journey to your destination.
Do not desire instant arrival or you will arrrive at your goal
Without the awareness of the journey.
You will lack depth and empathy and be ineffective and boring.
Enjoy the journey above all.
Do what you must to enjoy, then evaluate.
Expand your mind.
Explore new levels.
The imaginative mind is the mind that is free to explore new dimensions.
Explore under guidance and direction.
Become confused.
Continue on and recognize your soul.
Seek for soul development.
Find your path.
Begin the journey.
Go with the blessings of patience and beauty……

There is One
Like the son of God
Like the blade of grass
Like the light in the sky
There is One
You are an extension of that One
There is One light
Watch for it in the darkness of your mind
Watch for the colours
Friends of the soul await your visit
Watch for the purple light and seek healing for your soul
There is One
You are One with the One
Find the light and watch for the rays of colour
Allow them to flow through you and transfer their beauty within you
There is One….only One
A radiation of the One
A colour expressed from the One
A sun…a moon….a seed of light
There is One…only ONE

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