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A Message From The Dalai Lama....01/23/00

A group recently spent days visiting with the Dalai Lama, focusing upon what they believe are the five most important questions to be considered as we move into the new millennium.The five questions were:

1. How do we address the widening gap between rich and poor?

2. How do we protect the earth?

3. How do we educate our children?

4. How do we help Tibet and other oppressed countries and peoples of the

5. How do we bring spirituality (deep caring for one another) through all
disciplines of life?

The Dalai Lama said all five questions fall under the last one.If we have true compassion in our hearts, our children will be educated wisely, we will care for the earth, those who "have not" will be cared for. The group asked the Dalai Lama, "Do you think love on the planet is increasing or staying the same?" His response:

"My experience leads me to believe that love IS increasing." He shared a simple practice that will increase love and compassion in the world. He asked everyone in the group to share it with as many people as they can.The Practice:

1. Spend 5 minutes at the beginning of each day remembering that we all want the same things (to be happy and to be loved), and that we are all connected to one another.

2. Then, spend 5 minutes (breathing in)-- cherishing yourself; and (breathingout)--cherishing others. If you think about people you have difficulty cherishing, extend your cherishing to them anyway.

3. Throughout your day, extend that attitude to everyone you meet. Practice
cherishing the "simplest" person (clerks, attendants, etc.), as well as the "important" people in your life; cherish the people you love as well as the people you dislike or upset you.

4. Continue this practice no matter what happens or what anyone does to you. These thoughts are very simple, inspiring and helpful. The practice of cherishing can be taken very deep if done wordlessly, allowing yourself to feel the love and appreciation that already exists in your heart.


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