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Thoughts On Days You May Feel Disoriented

Do you spend a great portion of your day disoriented? I mean, things are so hectic in your life that you often forget what you're doing, why you're doing it, or where you are, and your purpose for being there? You go through moments questioning yourself, about why you did something, and after it's done, you shake your head in discuss thinking what your did was stupid.

If this sounds like you, know that you are not alone in your thinking and it's ok to be that way. Reason is, we all are like tourists in a distant city. We come from a world of Spirit, into a world that has lost site of its origin and purpose. Because of this, we are often distracted, sidetracked, and diverted by our fears and illusions, which causes us to become unfocused to the real purpose for being on this planet we call earth.

Right now this moment, take some time to stop and remind yourself of your true identity and intention. You need to post mental post-it notes on the walls of your consciousness. These post-it notes, are done through prayer, meditation, spiritual readings, and uplifting moments doing those things which brings joy and comfort into your life. When you do this, you are keeping yourself on track and on focus of your true spiritual nature. Not doing this, this physical world will continue to teach you that you belong to it, and you will continue to feel lost, alone, and in bondage imposing upon yourself self-suffering from negative thoughts of lack and limitation.

So, keep the high watch. Put up inspiring quotes and affirmations in your home and office. Listen to music that nourishes your soul. Take precious time out for yourself, and your family. Go out to restaurants, movies, and social gatherings, which honor the presence of God. Choose only those friends who support and endorse your spiritual path.

It is within your power, to build your life on the values you choose. This week, say this affirmation often and regularly to yourself. "Father-Mother God, you are in my mind and my heart, and I am walking in your eternal light." Write this down, post-it not only in your consciousness, but around where you can see it as well.

Peace & Blessings,
Submitted by Thomas Gordy
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