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Trust Your Wings

Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life? You have to make a decision. You have to trust yourself to take that fires step out onto that bridge to the crossing...or as some say... step out into the void. It can be a scary time for sure. It's often considered as a negative time, or perhaps even devastating, depending upon the circumstances. There are times when we are given more than we think we can handle...suffering losses and such hardships that we feel might just break us in two.

Consider that these times can be a time of challenge, of growth of making more of ourselves than we already are. It can be a time of adventure. Trust the power within, take the step. There's always beauty on the other side, should you choose to make it beautiful.

With every step you take, there will be growth, there will be times of evaluation of where to place your trust, how to make each footstep the best one that you can make, but that's the aspect of growth that comes with change. That's the part that although frightening, is the most challenging to ourselves as humans, and ultimately ends up the most rewarding. It is the unknown that we fear, not that's when trusting ourselves is the most valuable...believing in our own abilities. Knowing there is a power within us. A power that can take is to places we never knew existed until we were challenged.

I have always wondered what it must be like to be a baby bird. To sit in the nest knowing the comforts of shelter, of food supplies, of someone else fulfilling al you needs. Suddenly, someone says it's time now, its time to try your wings...don't look down over the edge...just spread your wings, take the leap out of he nest and you'll fly to far away places and see such beautiful sights...the whole world awaits for you...if you only trust yourself...if you only trust your wings. How frightening that must be the first time for that baby bird...and I am sure they are aware of the danger

As with we humans, there's always the first time of spreading our wings, of trusting ourselves to the world. However, the truth is, it's really trusting ourselves to us. Take that first step, cross that bridge, trust your wings...go find the world that awaits you. Go discover the beauty waiting at the other side of the bridge. It's there...all you have to do is look for it.

Author Unknown
Submitted by Notelyjoan

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