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Symphony Of Surrender
Rev. Fawnda Runyon
Pastor Madera CRS, California

I have been created as an instrument to be played in a cosmic orchestra I have been designed to play one passage, one measure so unique and so intricate no other instrument can play it.

Within this measure, my mind creates a joyful melody that becomes the harmony of my days. The beating of my heart is like a bass drum, bringing rhythm and continuity to that melody.

Laughter wells up in me as if it were tinkling bells,and flashes of happiness burst upon me like the sound of symbols.

When my tears flow, each teardrop becomes a note in counterpoint, crystalclear, adding a deeper dimension to my theme.

When my heart strings are touched they vibrate with compassion for everyone, everywhere my actions form the lyric.

Sometimes high notes, sometimes low, but always a song of spirit and from the depths of my soul come the vibrant chords of love.

I am only one instrument, but contained in my essence is the composer, the conductor, the creator of infinite music.As as the baton is raised and each dawn brings the hauting strains of a new day, my voice cries out."Here I am. God. Use Me! Here I am God, use me. Here I am God, choose me. Play me as your instrument in the symphony of life."

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