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Self Encounter
Sue Haas - Member SGH34

Something Beautiful, Something Good, that's me!
God said so...He made me...I believe!

Now all I have to do is convince my heart.
That I am what I say I am and not fall apart.
To first encounter myself was a very scary thing.
Unworthy, unloved and really not much of anything.
I had been rejected by many, even my family.
How I could ever love myself was hard to see.

 I worked so hard to please, I didn't have time to be me.
All those things inside that just wanted to be.
To be the things that God had planned for my life.
To grow through all my sufferings and strife.
To know who I was and where I had been.
To start my life over and begin again.
To discover myself, my good points and bad.
And deal with all the feelings, happy and sad.
Feelings were OK, now THAT I have found.
That there are people who really love ME around.
Who help me to be the person I should.
Just be myself, all of me that I could. 


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