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Truth can never be found outside ourselves. Everything outside ourselves is a projection of our Perception of what we believe is true about ourselves, and the source of that perception is always through the eyes of the ego or false self.

Truth is found where illusion is not, within. It comes as we ask it to, not by seeking it, but by allowing it to flow through us. It cannot be explained, only expressed by living it.

It does not judge nor condemn a direction one uses to find it, for it flows through the path of least resistence.

It does not express through the world of opposites, it simply Is, and our acceptance of what IS, allows it to come forth. It is just the opposite of what the world says it is.

Let us be radical and see beyond the traditional conduct That has proven itself unsound.

Let us be bold and resolve to cease our analytical search for truth, and simply ask It to flow into our lives.

It will come and when It does, let us simply live It.

Scottish Proverb

Submitted by Thomas Gordy Subscribe

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