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The Rainbow

Know this:

There is a movement in humanity although some cant see it, from darkness to light.

This movement has taken place

hour by hour,
day by day,
month by month,
year by year and
age by age.
It takes place collectively and individually.

Every small act contributes to its advancement or retardation.

In this way you are powerful in the scheme of things, so never despair, even when things get tough out there, which they often will.

Keep your eyes on the stars and turn away from selfishness and cruelty.

Bear losses and disappointments with dignity and grace because you are made of stardust.

You are divine like all the life around you.

You are strong inside your heart like a tall oak tree and you are changeable like the surface of a river.

This is your divine heritage and you can find it if you search for it.

Let me tell you that you can only know part of me like I can ever know part of you.

I have made many mistakes and you will too, but that doesn’t matter, its how you go on that counts.

Be a part of the tribe of humanity that believes in the ultimate good and you can bear any sorrow.

Yes and on that subject there is much sorrow in the world but don’t be ever blind to the joy, because there is a lot of that and it’s contagious.

It can fill your heart like a thousand butterflies winging for the sun.

Yes butterflies are dreamers too.

Never let anyone mock your dreams because they are the most dangerous of people on the planet.

Your dreams are a gift from the Creator and He personally placed them in your heart like a beautiful snowflake.

And if you don’t believe me think on this: every snowflake ever fallen on the face of the earth is unique and beautiful in its own way and so are you and so is your dream.

And if your worried because you don’t have a dream or wonder how you will survive in the world.

Think on this: take it hour by hour and day by day and don’t let too many concerns crowd your mind.

If you can practice whatever it is that makes you a calmer person whether that is meditation, sport or riding trains. It is for you to find out, like all things.

Be careful of those that make a lot of speeches and others that say they know the way to riches or happiness.

Its for you to find out because what makes you feel good and whole maybe different from what makes them feel good.

So be careful, but don’t become cynical because then you have lost the reason you were put here,

which is to look through all the tears and see a beautiful rainbow.

Learn to hear your own inner voice and further learn to trust it.

In all the world it is a precious jewel.

I didn’t always do this and learnt the hard way that if you live to fulfill another’s idea of who you are.... you will lose yourself.

But even this is good in a way because it’s through the things that don’t work do you find the right way. This is Divine design, just as children learn to walk by falling.

Yes, its a beautiful world full of brave souls.

Those who sacrifice their own wants for a higher love.

Just as people who battle their way through the traffic every day to support a family. This is true heroism.

This is a demonstration of love.

Love is what we are all moving toward over time, day by day, century by century.

It may not always seem that way but it is an article of my faith. I hope you will see this too.

Pietr (c) 2002
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