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A Prosperity Meditation
My Ideas Prosper Me....

I meditate on the idea of prosperity. I open my mind to divine inspiration. I am willing to be still, to listen, and to let God-ideas be revealed to me.

No matter what the state of my affairs, no matter what my need, the thought it might seem that money suddenly coming to me would mean prosperity, I know that back of all the prosperity, I need or desire is an idea.

My prayer now is to be open and receptive to prospering ideas. I pray to be alert to the guidance that comes. I pray to recognize prospering ideas, to value them, to take hold of them, and to use them.

I affirm: I am open and receptive to new and enriching ideas. I welcome them. I accept them. I use them.

My attitudes prosper me...

Attitudes are the outgrowth of ideas. I think about my attitudes and I pray to be shown how I may improve upon any attitude that has limited me or kept me from claiming my good.

Do I resist my good by blaming persons or circumstances for what I seem to lack? I lift this attitude to God. I let go of any tendency to blame anyone or anything, any tendency to envy another, any tendency to feel that others are more favored.

My attitude is a rich one as I listen to God saying to me "You are My child and heir." What a difference this realization makes! When I truly accept myself as God's child, then I se myself in a new light, then I see everything in a new light. Then my attitudes are the kind that attracts good to me.

I affirm: I view all of life with a new attitude, for I realize that I am a beloved child of God, heir to his good.

My enthusiasm prospers me...

In my prayer and meditation about prosperity, a key idea that comes to me is that enthusiasm is not only a welcome asset but also a prospering asset.

If I do not feel enthusiastic about life, about people, about whatever my particular work is, about whatever my particular place is, I can stir up a feeling of enthusiasm. I need not feel that enthusiasm is a quality that some persons possess innately while others lack it. There is a spirit in me and in all persons that is capable of enthusiasm for life and for living.

Behind enthusiasm is interest. I pray for the wisdom and the vision to look at life - just the ordinary daily life - with eyes of interest. I pray to look at people - really look at them; to listen to people - really listen to them. What I am truly interested in arouses my enthusiasm.

I affirm: I look to life with new insight and interest. I am enthusiastic about the world, about people, about my daily activities. I am enthusiastic about life and living.

My understanding prospers me...

Of all the rich ideas that come to me as I meditate and pray about prosperity, none is more important than understanding.

The more I think about prosperity, the more I come to understand that it is process of growth and fulfillment.

I come to understand that God is substance, that all things are formed out of the essential substance of God.

I see all the good in my life, all the good in the universe, is really a part of God, a part of his substance.

I claim my good through developing and using the god qualities that are within me. These too, are part of the substance of God, which can never be depleted. The more we use the God-ideas out of which substance comes, the more supply there is available.

I affirm: I open my mind to an understanding of the universal, all-providing substance of God. I claim my good.

My faith prospers me...

"Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." In time of lack, faith sees plenty. In times of discouragement, faith sees success and achievement. In times of frustration faith sees fulfillment.

What do I have faith in? Where do I base my faith?

My faith is in the idea of God as the source of all, the belief that God is my source. Whatever my need, my faith assures me that already I am one with the fulfillment of that need, for I am one with God.

I base my faith on the unchanging principle of substance and supply underlying all that appears. My faith assures me that God is my help in every need. My faith echoes the Psalmist's words: "The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want."

I affirm: I have the faith to look beyond the appearance of lack and behold the ever-present, never-failing supply of God.

My prayers prosper me...

My prayers prosper me because through prayer, through meditation, I come into a realization of myself as a child of God. I feel my oneness with the Infinite. I feel caught up in the great and overshadowing love of God.

My prayers prosper me for as I commune with God in the stillness of my soul, I find myself on a rich path. My inward journey into God's presence prepares me for a successful journey in life.

My prayers prosper me, because they put me in tune with Divine Mind, they open my mind to God-ideas, they set me free from fear, they set me free from old beliefs in lack and limitation.

My prayers prosper me, for prayer teaches met to praise, and praise sets into motion the law of increase.

My prayers prosper me, because they bring me into God's presence, they usher me into His kingdom of good.

My prayers prosper me, for they make me know that I am beloved of God. His love supports me. His spirit in me crowns my efforts with success.

I am open and receptive now to prospering ideas.

I willingly let go of any limiting attitudes about my life, my affairs and myself.

I am enthusiastic about people, about my work, about all the opportunities to give and serve that are all about me.

My understanding is founded on the truth that God is the one sourced, the one substance, and the one prospering power.

Thank you, God, for blessing me so richly.

Author Unknown

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