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My Awakening

Hello to you all who will be reading this. My name is Gloria and I have been the care giver to my husband for the last 4 years. I'm a 57 year old house wife. I love to write, poetry being my favorite way of dealing with difficult things that come across my path. the following poem written in march of 98 was after losing my sister & mother having only known them for 8 short years.

I'm ready now to let you go,
accept what I cannot change
live my life with a grateful heart
knowing someday we'll meet again.

True, I expected from both of you
more than you were able to give,
when you died I realized
my chance of knowing you were lost.

I did not know how to handle this
I couldn't believe the turn of events,
letting go and gettiing on with life
for me was admitting defeat.

The lesson I've learned from all this
circumstances can't always be changed,
what I choose to do with that
determines how happy I'll be.

Yes I'm going on with my life
I know that's what you'd have me do,
others are depending on me
So I have to let go and live

Gloria Brerwster march 26th 1998.

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