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God Is The Eternal Now

(Editors Note: This prayer treatment is written in the first person, feel free to incorporate the words as your own when saying this to yourself.)

I know that my good is at hand this very moment. I believe and know with all my heart, mind, body, and soul that I am in harmony with this good which I now call God. God is the health that I am, God is the peace that I am, God is the love that I am. I enthrone the concepts of these thoughts which I realize I am right now.

I am the Gardner of my mind, as I sow, so shell I reap. I now sow seeds of God like thoughts. These wonderful ideas are balanced in the prosperous grounds of peace, joy, success, and abundance. From this moment forward, I am harvesting ripe fruits of allness. I am experiencing my highest and best this very instant.

I am grateful, and I am thankful, infinite intelligence is guiding and guarding me in all ways. This is the moment of transformation. Life is good, and God is awesome. It is done, and it is so. Amen

Thomas Gordy

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