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Ghosts From The Past

Do you often travel through your life, accompanied by the ghosts of your past, present, and future? In other words, in your cosmetic bag do you carry around thoughts and feelings of past hurts? A friend did you wrongly, your still bitter over the divorce of your spouse, or your looking for a way to get even with your boss.

If this sounds like you, stop and empty your baggage of hurt now. Drop the crutches, and begin to walk straight. Focus on that, which is for your highest good. Let go of the resentment and anger, which have been plaguing you, and know now that no good can come into your experience while your entertaining hate and anger.

God loves you. When you give attention to your so-called "ghosts" then your blocking the love of God from penetrating into your life. Take some time, and get into the privacy of yourself, close your eyes, and talk with the God of your beingness. Ask him for guidance and direction into how to best handle whatever is bothering you. Know that the Lord is on your side, ready to assist you.

God is good, and your life is a blessing. Have a joyful and wonderful week.

You are loved,
Thomas Gordy

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