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Forgive Yourself

Oh how heavy the load we carry,
"If only I had just opened my heart
When Dad was alive and made up!",
"Why did I have to put money before integrity?",
"Why was it so important to always be seen to be correct?",
"If only I had just followed my heart's desire and not copped out!",
...and the list goes on and on of guilt and regret.

Our hearts and minds are so weighed down with baggage from the Past of 'could have beens,' 'should have beens' and 'Didn't work outs' and from them, the destruction of our Inner acceptance of receiving anything more than mediocrity, that We live lives of agonizing frustration searching for answers that Cannot possibly be found where they are searched for.

We must come to a realization that the enemy lies within and The healing, ALL healing, lies in the same place.

We must forgive or forget, the original meaning, the regrets and Guilt of the past. When we vigilantly take it upon ourselves to 'root out' the Gremlins of what we think are past sins or more correctly, Past errors since sin is not possible in reality, we will Gradually feel a sense of lightness of LIGHTNESS...which is Our NORMAL condition when we are awake to ALL WE ARE.

Let us approach this magnificent Truth from the only direction In which is exists, WITHIN!

by Thomas Gordy

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